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Graduated from English Department at the Teachers’ Training Higher Institute in 2009, I had never thought that I will one day be a journalist.
Suddenly, I got an opportunity to be trained at Iwacu Press Group as a journalist after integrating young repatriates from Tanzania at the Foundation for Refugee Education Trust (RET). At that time, I heard many testimonies from those young returnees but I lacked the opportunity to share them with other people.
Now, journalism has helped me to understand, hear, and face some challenges through different personalities I daily meet. I have also realized that bringing changes in our society will depend on us, and everyone must be concerned about what will happen tomorrow. It is our duty to struggle together for a brighter future as more hands make light work.
Working on different topics related to society, agriculture, economy, health, culture.
I have now become a passionate journalist and like reading and discussing. My dream is to increase my journalistic knowledge and experience through academic education.

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