' The place where Bankuwunaze was attacked

One person seriously wounded by people armed with machetes in southern Bujumbura

08-31-2018 Gilbert Bankuwunaze ran into an ambush staged by unidentified people armed with machetes and clubs when he was going home on foot. They wounded him on the head and mouth. The incident occurred in the night of August 29 around 11 pm in Kibenga neighborhood, Muha Commune in south (...)
' Martin Nivyabandi: “There is tranquility everywhere in the country”.

Burundi: Difficult to identify figures of disappeared people, says Human Rights Minister

08-31-2018 While the World celebrates the day of Disappeared People on every 30 August, it is not easy to identity figures in Burundi despite their existence. Minister of Human Rights, however, comforts the families of victims. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs, says there are cases (...)
' Members of Parliament have approved the new members of CENI while MPs from the coalition “Amizero y’Abarundi” boycotted the session

Burundi: New CENI members approved without consent of all MPs

08-30-2018 The National Assembly has approved seven members of the new Independent National Electoral Commission-CENI, namely Philippe Nzobonariba (Hutu), Annonciate Niyonkuru (Tutsi), Jean Anastase Hicuburundi (Hutu), Hyacinthe Niyonzima (Hutu), Serges Ndayiragije (Tutsi), Pierre-Claver Kazihise (Hutu)-, Marguerite Kamana (Hutu). Two of them, Philippe Nzobonariba- spokesperson for Burundi government and Serges Ndayiragije- (...)
' Burundi senators attending an ordinary session

Senate asks European Union to resume cooperation with Burundi government

08-30-2018 The Burundian Senate adopted on 28 August the resolution in response to the resolution of the European Parliament adopted on 5 July on Burundi. The Burundian Senate accuses the European Parliament of not considering remarkable improvement of the political, social and security situation in the country. According to the (...)
' Arusha signature

Burundi: Politicians converge on respect of Arusha Agreement spirit after 18 years

08-29-2018 Abel Gashatsi, chairman of Uprona party says the signing of the Arusha Agreement on 28 August 2000 has allowed the achievement of stability of peace and security for more than 15 years in Burundi. He also says, so far, the Arusha Agreement is still considered in the establishment of (...)
' The three journalists persecuted are from “Radio Culture” local radio station.

Three Burundian journalists from local radio mistreated by police while reporting

08-28-2018 Alain Majesté Barenga, Bella Gloria Kimana, Alain Niyomucamanza, three journalists from a local radio station “Radio Culture” and Armand Bigirumuremyi, their driver have been mistreated this morning of 27 August by the police agents. They were collecting information on the misunderstandings that occurred between the local residents and administration (...)
' leonce

Jean Minani re-elected as CNARED chairman

08-28-2018 In the meeting that was held on August 27, members of the National Council for the Restoration of the Arusha Accord and the Rule of Law in Burundi (CNARED), an opposition platform in exile, have elected Jean Minani, as CNARED chairman, Bernard Busokoza as his first deputy and Pamphile (...)
' Mkapa et Museveni

Facilitation office to put an end to dialog process

08-27-2018 The “last” session of the talks would be held soon. But the results of Mkapa’s work remain very mixed. The opposition accuses him of having not been able to organize real inclusive talks to date. During its last visit, the delegation of Mkapa-led facilitation was able to convince Bujumbura (...)
' Burundi among most corrupt countries despite “zero tolerance” declaration, says OLUCOME

Burundi among most corrupt countries despite “zero tolerance” declaration, says OLUCOME

08-25-2018 Eight years after Burundi Head of State declared “zero tolerance” to any act of corruption, OLUCOME says Burundi is still among the most corrupt countries in the world. Gabriel Rufyiri, chairman of OLUCOME, a local corruption watchdog, says the situation has worsened and will keep deteriorating if nothing is (...)
' Burundi Minister of Foreign Affairs has met for the first time the diplomatic corps since his appointment in April 2018

Foreign Affairs Minister meets diplomatic corps to discuss current situation in Burundi

08-25-2018 Ezéckiel Nibigira, Minister of Foreign Affairs has met the diplomatic corps and international organizations operating in Burundi, this 23 August. They have discussed the security and political situation prevailing in Burundi. Some of the points discussed included the implementation of the new Constitution vis-à-vis the 2020 elections, the process (...)
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