“Elections marred by irregularities”

05-20-2020 At least 17 CNL party members have been arrested by the police in Rumonge Province around 11:30 a.m. Nine were arrested in Gatobo locality in Burambi Commune, four downtown Rumonge including a CNL leader in that locality while others were arrested in Mutambara locality. According to Obède Ntakiyiruta, the (...)

“These elections have particular meaning”, says President Nkurunziza

05-20-2020 The outgoing president Pierre Nkurunziza arrived in Mwumba Commune of Ngozi Province around midday, riding his bicycle. After voting, he has thanked Burundians who organized the elections. “These elections have a particular meaning. They were financed by Burundians without the intervention of foreigners. It is a good start for (...)

2020 Elections: Students not allowed to change voting places

05-20-2020 Pierre Claver Kazihise, chairman of the National Independent electoral commission (CENI) has just announced that students who changed their schools are not allowed to vote. “We called on them to register again but they didn’t”, says Kazihise adding that people allowed to change their voting places are soldiers, police (...)

Delay in opening polling stations in southern Bujumbura

05-20-2020 Voting activities at the polling stations located at Lycée Kanyosha, in Kinanira II neighborhood, in south of the economic capital Bujumbura have begun around 7:30 a.m. This voting center has 13 polling stations and 6,550 voters are expected vote. Voters complain about the delay in starting the voting activities (...)

Burundi goes to the polls

05-20-2020 At least 1109 voters are expected to vote at the polling station located at « Kwi Bubu » Basic School in Musama locality in Kabanga zone of Giheta commune in Gitega Province, this May 20. Evariste Ndayishimiye, the CNDD-FDD ruling party’s presidential candidate and native of this locality is (...)

Security Ministry warns any Burundian not to destabilize security

05-20-2020 In a statement issued on May 18, the Minister of Public Security warns Burundians, especially CNL and Uprona party members that whoever will try to destabilize security during the elections set on May 20 won’t be tolerated. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security has warned whoever will try (...)

Five CNL members arrested in western Bujumbura province

05-20-2020 Three members of the opposition CNL party, including a candidate for the election of communal councilors and two political observers were arrested in the evening of 18 May in Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura province in the west of Burundi. They are currently detained in a cell of Rubirizi area. (...)

Elections 2020: CENI announces new rules

05-19-2020 The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) announced on 18 May measures to be followed during the polls scheduled for 20 May. “Burundian citizens who were not able to overthrow their voting cards will participate in the upcoming elections scheduled for 2020 May if they present their identity cards and (...)

2020 Elections: AU and UN urge Burundi to provide safe and secure environment

05-18-2020 In a joint security statement issued on May 17, the African Union Commission and the Secretariat of the United Nations say they are concerned over reports of intimidation and violent clashes between supporters of opposing sides. They call on the Burundian authorities to provide a safe and secure environment (...)

2020 elections :”Match without referee?”

05-18-2020 With voters’ lists not posted, voters without voting cards, the opposition “sidelined” in several polling stations, political activists in prison and others in hiding, etc, the National electoral commission  is accused of failing to fulfill its mission. For its part, it explains that the process is properly carried out. (...)