Three accommodation houses classified as five star hotels in Burundi

03-01-2019 Out of 37 classified hotels at the national level, only three were rated five star hotels. They are all located in Bujumbura town. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism has announced that this Friday 1 March, the results of identification and classification of hotels in Burundi. Jean Marie (...)

Tarnished Burundi image, serious handicap to touristic sector development

03-06-2018 One among other factors that cause Burundi to remain among the poorest countries in the world is the lack of development of the touristic sector. This is mainly caused by the bad image of the country presented by some Burundians. “CNDD-FDD members, FNL members …all Burundians included are victims (...)

Burundi: Suspension of tourist visa issuance at airport decreases tourist number

03-02-2018 Non issuance of tourist visa at the airport is one of the main challenges that the touristic and hotels sector faces today. This was said during an exchange meeting between public and private partners operating in this sector. An anonymous private partner who owns a hotel asks the national (...)

BBIN report reveals hotel occupancy rate in Burundi is 10%

11-07-2017 Pierre Claver Nduwumwami, Director General of Burundi Business Incubator, says the hotel occupancy rate is very low as the number of tourists who come to Burundi is very low. “The purchasing power of domestic customers who occupy rooms in hotels is low,” he says. He also says the tourism (...)

Proposals to save the declining hotel and tourism industry in Burundi

09-29-2016 Actors in Burundi tourism acknowledge that the sector has alarmingly declined following the crisis that has plagued the country since last year. “Tourism has extremely declined over the last months”, says Denis Nshimirimana, the president of the Chamber of Hotel and Tourism. He explains that many hotels have laid (...)

The ServiceMag launched in Burundi

06-23-2014 The ServiceMag made in Burundi 1st edition in Burundi has been officially presented this 17 June 2014 at Roca Golf Hotel. Many officials and private owners take part in that event.-Yves Didier Irakoze The event was dynamic and lively with some comments on the quality of services in all (...)

Tourism: updating touristic statistical data in Burundi

06-10-2014 The National Touristic Board gathered people from hotels, travel agencies, renting cars companies, etc to sensitize them to the importance of collecting and creating touristic data base in Burundi. The workshop took place last Friday at Star Hotel of Bujumbura.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “The data will have a statistic (...)

Burundi exhibition at Berlin: promoting the private sector

03-27-2014 While Burundi won the first place as the best African exhibitor at the International Show at Berlin for three consecutive years, it has recently been ranked second this year. The reason: the objective has changed-by Diane Uwimana Four private operators in tourism represented Burundi during the last International Show (...)

Many hotels in Burundi, but a lot of unqualified staff

02-01-2014 In Burundi, much investment in tourism sector is observed nowadays. The number of hotels is increasing. However, their management leaves to desire due to the lack of effective training. Then, both the owners and the government should tackle the issue very seriously.-Yves Didier Irakoze According to G. Ndayishimiye, a (...)

Dr Jane Goodall: supporting the environmental commitment

01-27-2014 Motivating youths to contribute in the environment protection and humanitarian issues by protecting chimpanzees were among the extraordinary objectives during her three-day visit in Burundi.-By Diane Uwimana In her 80’s, she seems to be 20 referring to her determination towards the environmental issues. Living in Tanzania for more than (...)