UN investigators concerned over WHO officials expulsion

05-15-2020 The UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi condemned the expulsion of four WHO officials amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Burundi. “The decision of the Burundian Government to declare persona non grata WHO Country Representative and three of its experts and ordering them to leave Burundi before 15 May is (...)

Burundi declares four WHO officials ” persona non grata”

05-15-2020 Walter Kazadi Mulombo, Country Representative of the World Health Organization in Burundi and three experts Tarzy Daniel, Ruhana Mirindi and Jean Pierre Mulunda have been declared « persona non grata » in Burundi. According to a note verbale sent to the WHO Representation Office for Africa in Brazzaville in (...)

JICA to undertake several projects in Burundi

08-09-2019 At the reopening ceremonies held on August 9th, The Japanese Agency for International Cooperation-JICA has said it will carry out various projects to foster development in Burundi. Maruo Shin, Chief Representative of JICA Rwanda office says three projects among others will be the priority for Burundi. “In the sector (...)

Human Rights activists diverge on OHCHR closing doors in Burundi

03-06-2019 Lambert Nigarura, human rights activist says the Human Rights don’t have any place in Burundi. “ As the office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has closed for good is a proof that Burundi continues to be isolated from the  world.”  He has said this after the office (...)

OLUCOME denounces selling of Japanese donation

02-22-2019 The corruption watchdog-OLUCOME says it is deeply concerned about the selling of the rice donation given by Japan to the Government of Burundi. Gabriel Rufyiri, president of OLUCOME, says he is concerned by the selling of this donation. “We have been surprised to hear that it will be sold (...)

Japanese Embassy to give 250 tons of sardines to Burundi school canteens

02-20-2019 Japanese Embassy in Burundi has promised to give 250 tons of sardines to the World Food Program (WFP). The gift will be used in the school canteen program. The donation which is valued at US $ 1.7 million, and more than 270,000 schoolchildren and students in 300 primary schools (...)

Newly constructed presidential palace handed over to Burundian Authorities

02-15-2019 The Ambassador of China to Burundi has officially handed over the presidential palace to the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Second Vice President this February 14, 2019. Li Changlin, says it is a pleasure to hand over this presidential palace which is built in Gasenyi area in the (...)

Financial partners of suspended foreign NGOs concerned about delay in resuming activities

10-19-2018 Technical and financial partners call on Burundi government and foreign NGOs recently suspended to hold a dialogue aimed at clarifying the law governing NGOs operating in Burundi. They appreciate that some NGOs have resumed activities although most of them are still suspended. In a joint communiqué issued on 17 (...)

Senate asks European Union to resume cooperation with Burundi government

08-30-2018 The Burundian Senate adopted on 28 August the resolution in response to the resolution of the European Parliament adopted on 5 July on Burundi. The Burundian Senate accuses the European Parliament of not considering remarkable improvement of the political, social and security situation in the country. According to the (...)

European parliament demands suspension of support for Burundian peacekeepers abroad

07-13-2018 Members of the European Parliament have adopted the resolution on Burundi which was proposed on 5 July. They call on the international community to follow closely the situation in Burundi despite the recent announcements of President Pierre Nkurunziza that he will not run for office in 2020 elections and (...)