Human Right

CNIDH urges politicians to ban use of children in political campaign

05-14-2020 A video showing children chanting political slogans has been circulating on social media for the past few days. The National Independent Human Rights Commission (CNIDH) urges politicians to ban children’s participation in political activities. “The involvement of children in politics has negative consequences for society and children’s lives,” says (...)

CNIDH urges politicians to not involve children in politics

04-24-2020 In a meeting with leaders of political parties and independent candidates in the upcoming elections, the Independent National Human Rights Commission [CNIDH] has this 23 April urged them to not involve children in political rallies. “We no longer want to see children being involved in politics as we saw (...)

Rights Commission deplores overcrowded prisons

04-16-2020 Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, Chairman of the National Independent Electoral Commission-CNIDH, says the commission visited 79 prisons in 2019. He also says the members of the Commission listened to 2413 detainees including 2055 men, 237 women, 116 young boys and 5 girls from different prisons. “154 detainees were released thanks (...)

Ndikumana and son released!

03-12-2020 Aline Ndikumana, the spouse of a CNL party secretary in Nyabiraba commune in Bujumbura province and her son are now free after six months of detention. She was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and a fine of BIF 100 thousand for illegal possession of firearms. Aline Ndikumana, the (...)

Ndikumana holding her son appears before Muha Court of Appeal

03-07-2020 Aline Ndikumana appeared on 6 March before the Court of Appeal of Muha commune. She is accused of illegally possessing firearms. The court postponed the trial to investigate in details charges against the detainee. Detained for more than six months as she is accused of “illegally possessing firearms”, Aline (...)

Rights Commission concerned over targeted killings

02-26-2020 Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, Chairman of the National Independent Commission for Human Rights-CNIDH says there is a need to conduct investigations on killings reported in different localities. “Even though the commission hasn’t yet conducted investigations on cases reported in different localities, the criminal responsibility is individual,” he says. On 24 (...)

Iwacu reporters sentenced to thirty months’ imprisonment

01-30-2020 Bubanza High Court has just sentenced Iwacu reporters to two years and six months’ imprisonment and each of them fined BIF one million. Adolphe Masabarakiza, their driver has been acquitted. Their accusations would have been changed. They would have been accused of an “impossible attempt of complicity in undermining (...)

CNIDH pleads for temporary suspension of deduction from teachers’ salary.

01-22-2020 The National Independent Commission for Human Rights has presented a seven-day investigation conducted on the conflict between two teachers’ unions-SYGEPEBU and SEPEDUC and a coalition of teachers’ union-COSESONA. The commission says the coalition violated the labor rules. Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, Chairman of the National Independent Commission for Human Rights-CNIDH (...)

Another Burundian journalist detained

01-17-2020 Blaise-Pascal Kararumiye, correspondent of Radio Isanganiro in Karusi province has just spent his first night in the police dungeon of Karusi province. He was taken to the dungeon after being heard by the prosecutor on his story on the management of the funds granted to “Sangwe” cooperatives situated in (...)

European parliament demands release of four detained Burundian journalists

01-17-2020 European parliamentarians adopted on 16 January a resolution condemning the continued deterioration of human rights situation in the lead-up to the upcoming elections. According to them, the victims of those abuses are mainly political opponents and people who are considered to be opponents. The European Parliament also called on (...)