Investigation / The death of Simon, the man who refused to vote

02-19-2021 True to his religious convictions, Simon Bizimana, a farmer from Gisoro hill, Twinkwavu zone in Cendajuru commune (Cankuzo), refused to register for the vote on the referendum in May. He was arrested, then died on March 18, 2018, in the provincial hospital as a result of “acts of torture”, (...)

Makamba-Rutana: a story of hell in Tanzania, told by seasonal workers

02-19-2021 Despite the border closures due to Covid-19, young men from Gitega, Karusi, Mwaro and elsewhere continue to defy the ban to seek work in Tanzania. Some come back in bad shape, sick, or victims of beatings by the Tanzanians. Exhausted, some die when they arrive on Burundian soil. Investigation. (...)

A sad anniversary

10-20-2020 By Antoine Kaburahe In two days’ time, our colleagues, Agnès, Christine, Egide and Térence will complete one year in prison. For nothing. And yet there are fine speeches, every day. Speeches about a “calm” country, run by a government described as “mvyeyi” (good parent). But which parent would lock (...)

OLUCOME concerned over corruption reported in transfer process within Health Ministry

06-26-2020 Gabriel Rufyiri, Chairman of the corruption watchdog-OLUCOME says different transfers are being operated in different hospitals, health districts and other services of the Ministry of Public Health throughout the country these days marking the end of the 2015-2020 term. He says a few transfers are reported in Ngozi hospital, (...)

Burundi elders to be fully supported

06-16-2020 On the occasion of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day celebrated on 15 June, old people sheltered by “Sainte Elisabeth” Hospice in Bujumbura city call for support as they are victims of discrimination and rejection by their family members. Sainte Elisabeth Hospice shelters at least 50 old people including (...)

OXFAM to close its offices in Burundi

06-16-2020 The British organization Oxfam International which has been working in Burundi since the 1990s is to close all its offices by 2022-2023. Joel Ngba Nyanding, Country representative of OXFAM in Burundi, says this closure was not caused by a particular problem in the country. The financial crises within the (...)

COVID-19: Burundi records 11 new cases

06-12-2020 In a statement issued on June 10, the Ministry of Public Heath reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 which raises the total positive cases to 94. The Rapid Response Team established by the Ministry of Public Health has conducted the screening of 85 people including 37 actives cases under (...)

COVID-19: Burundi artists to anticipate market measures

06-12-2020 Adalbert Hazikimana, Executive Officer in the Sectorial Chamber of Arts and Crafts -SHASAA- says the outbreak of COVID-19 in Burundi has affected the artistic sector. “Tourists were our main customers as they could easily find our products in different hotels,” says Hakizimana. He says there is a big loss (...)

“Artemisia to boost people’s immunity”

06-10-2020 Gynette Karirekinyana, Chief Executive Officer of International Cooperation Ethics Advisory Agency-ACECI says the experience from other countries using Artemisia to cure COVID-19 would inspire Burundians. “We are lucky to already grow Artemisia in Burundi. Experience from other countries should inspire us,” says Karirekinyana, at a news conference held this (...)

National exam starts with irregularities

06-10-2020 The national examination of ninth grade students in basic schools has started on 9 June across the country. The directors of some exam centers in Bujumbura city, say the examination is, in general, going well, except some few irregularities noticed at the beginning. “We started the work early in (...)