Learning level decreases in Burundi, parents are worried

01-25-2020 “The learning level is gradually decreasing in Burundi schools,” worries Edouard Ndikumasabo, the national representative of parents. It was on the occasion of the International Education Day celebrated on 24 January each year. He refers to the success rate of 14% in the national test of 2019. Ndikumasabo believes (...)

Two teachers’ unions appreciate CNIDH intervention over their concerns

01-15-2020 On behalf of two teachers’ union namely the General Union of Teaching Staff in Burundi -SEPEDUC and the Union of Professional Teachers in Burundi-SYGEPEBU, Egide Nkeshimana, and Deputy Chairman of SEPEDUC says their unions appreciate the step achieved by the National Independent for Human Rights- CNIDH. “The Commission has (...)

US Embassy to strengthen partnership with University of Burundi

12-06-2019 The US Ambassador to Burundi visited the University of Burundi on 5 December. The aim of the visit was to strengthen partnership with this university. “The US Embassy has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Burundi which is limited to English learning,” said Eunic Sharom Reddick, US (...)

Pupil died in northern Bujumbura due to teacher’s beatings

10-31-2019 A pupil of Carama Basic School in Kinama urban area in the north of Burundi died on October 28. Sources indicate that her death was caused by brutal beatings she received from her teacher. Defenders of the children’s rights condemn corporal punishment in school. Chadia Nishimwe, a 13-year-old girl (...)

High number of Burundian children don’t master reading, says PAADESCO coordinator

10-18-2019 In the context of the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty this October 17th, the PAADESCO project coordinator has said 42% of children under ten are not good at reading both in Kirundi and foreign languages. Béatrice Samandari, National Coordinator of the project aiming to (...)

Students from Ntare Rugamba University protest against school management

10-16-2019 First final year students of the bachelor’s degree program, in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Ntare Rugamba University made a sit-in on Tuesday, October 15 in front of the headquarters of the school establishment. They accuse the school management of refusing to give their academic documents. Fifty-three young (...)

Burundian girls encounter serious obstacles to complete studies

10-10-2019 «Burundian girls face a major challenge. They do not complete their studies and consequently they do not achieve effective development, “said Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs on the occasion of the World Girl Day celebrated on 9 October. In the same vein, Claudette Niyonzima, (...)

Education Ministry deplores discrepancies in trainees’ lists

10-03-2019 At a press briefing held on this October 2nd, Edouard Juma, Spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training has said there have been discrepancies in the lists of the basic school teachers of the first year class who attended the trainings from August 26 to September (...)

Pupils at Mugara II Basic School study in dreadful conditions

09-26-2019 Mugara II Basic School of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi faces severe lack of school equipment. Classrooms of the1st and 2nd grades do not have writing desks. Schoolchildren sit on the stones or on the ground covered with dust when studying while in other classrooms, four pupils (...)

People with disabilities encounter several challenges in Burundi education

09-19-2019 At a workshop on access to inclusive education for people living with disabilities, these latter say they are faced with social and school discrimination along with lack of materials and infrastructures in Burundi. “We are sometimes frightened to death because of our skin color,” says Moise Nkengurutse, Chairman of (...)