CNDD-FDD gets more seats in recent communal elections in Ngozi

The Independent Provincial Electoral Commission (CEPI) in Ngozi province announced this 27 May the results of the election of members of the communal councils held on 20 May. The ruling party CNDD-FDD obtained more seats and was followed by its main challenger, CNL party.

Ngozi province office

Désiré Minani, chairman of CEPI-Ngozi says that out of 7 political parties that participated in these elections, the ruling party CNDD-FDD occupies the first place with 74.91% of the votes (248 seats) and is followed by the opposition party CNL which obtained 22.66% of the vote s(92 seats) and then UPRONA which won 8 seats.

Mr Minani has said the distribution of seats was made on the basis of preference lists submitted by heads of political parties to the commission, adding that they took into consideration gender issues.

CNDD-FDD party has more votes with 34 seats in Tangara commune while CNL party, its main rival, was more voted in Kiremba commune where it won 20 seats including that of Agathon Rwasa, its presidential candidate and native of that commune.

As for Jonas Nahimana, CNL party representative in Ngozi province, he says the party is not convinced of the results announced by the CEPI. He says they will appeal to CENI.