Economic expert urges government to establish half-year plan for change

07-03-2020 Faustin Ndikumana, economic expert says the new Cabinet must establish a priority action plan to achieve its goals. “The government must present, as soon as possible, its half-year plan to explain how it will make change,” he says in a news conference, this July 2. He also says the (...)

Government’s youth support raises concerns to economists

07-03-2020 President Evariste Ndayishimiye announced, on July 1, his commitment to supporting young people. 40% of the surplus from Burundi Revenue Authority’s budgetary forecasts will be granted to communes to support youths gathered in cooperatives. Experts in economy, however, doubt over its feasibility despite this good initiative. Jean Prosper Niyoboke, (...)

No robbery committed in Kazoza Microfinance, says Management

06-04-2020 The management of Kazoza Microfinance based in Bujumbura City denies the rumors spread on social media on June 1 about the robbery of BIF 800 million from this financial institution. “Kazoza Microfinance wasn’t robbed,” says Aimé Sinaniranye, Director General of Kazoza Microfinance in a news conference held this June (...)

Transport: Motorcycles, tricycles to operate in Mukaza central areas

05-06-2020 Freddy Mbonimpa, Bujumbura Mayor has authorized motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles also known as “Tuk-Tuk” to cross Ntahangwa Bridge and enter Mukaza commune in Bujumbura city from May 4. He said motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to transport passengers up to 6:00 p.m. while “Tuk-Tuk” will close their activities at (...)

Burundian MPs are disconnected from reality, says corruption watchdog

04-23-2020 Members of the National Assembly approved, on April 21, a draft bill governing the state budget for the 2020/2021 fiscal year amounting to BIF 1,576 billion, an increase of 3.9% compared to the last year budget. OLUCOME says lawmakers would have considered the prevailing situation before adopting it. Gabriel (...)

Burundi reopens borders with Rwanda, DRC to goods trucks

04-16-2020 The Burundi government has reopened its borders with Rwanda in the north and the DRC in the west to vehicles transporting goods. In a note verbale dated 14 April, the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs specifies that the measure is taken to allow the continuity of the free movement (...)

Food production increased in past five years, Minister of Agriculture says

04-08-2020 “The government is pleased with the food security observed across the country. People no longer flee famine as it happened in 2002 and 2016, “said Déo Guide Rurema, the Burundian Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock at a press conference on 7 April. He says this food security is (...)

Government to punish traders speculating on food price

04-03-2020 The government warns traders who take advantage of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic to exorbitantly increase price of some products. Since the Minister of Health has announced the first two cases of COVID-19, residents of Bujumbura have been buying large quantities of food to keep at home. They think (...)

OBR to impose sanctions on delaying rental taxpayers

04-03-2020 Joseph Ndayizeye, Head of the department of rental income tax management at Burundi Revenue Authority- OBR says his institution has collected BIF over BIF 6,7 billion in the first quarter of 2020 fiscal year. “We have just received the declarations of 6039 people from January to March 31,” says (...)

Business activities slows down at Bujumbura City Market following COVID-19 prevention measures

03-25-2020 The movement of customers and travelers has significantly decreased at Bujumbura City Market commonly known as “kwa Siyoni”. Some travel agencies inside this market are closed while some others are opened by agency officers who to stay there to spend time. This situation is due to the preventive measures (...)