Transport: Motorcycles, tricycles to operate in Mukaza central areas

05-06-2020 Freddy Mbonimpa, Bujumbura Mayor has authorized motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles also known as “Tuk-Tuk” to cross Ntahangwa Bridge and enter Mukaza commune in Bujumbura city from May 4. He said motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to transport passengers up to 6:00 p.m. while “Tuk-Tuk” will close their activities at (...)

Drivers association denounces increase in price of transport documents

12-18-2019 The Association of Drivers in Burundi (ATRABU) requests the revision of the measure taken to increase the price of vehicle technical inspection service and transport permit in force since 9 December. The cost of technical inspection service increased from BIF20, 000 to 57,000 while the transport permit increased from (...)

Bujumbura residents worried about fuel shortage

07-10-2019 The residents of Bujumbura city have been facing a fuel shortage since the past three days. Several fuel stations are closed while others dispense fuel for only a few hours a day. Vehicles form endless queues to be supplied with fuel. Taxi men and bus drivers complain that this (...)

New public transport buses to be soon available in Bujumbura City

05-24-2019 In session of oral questions held in the National Assembly this May 23, the Ministry of Transport has said it has already signed agreements with some companies that want to import buses which will be used in public transport in Bujumbura City. Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana has told MPs that (...)

Fuel shortage persists in Bujumbura

01-09-2019 From the south to the north of the capital Bujumbura, few petrol stations were providing fuel and gasoil in the morning of 8 January. In the southern neighborhoods, Mogas station located in Kabondo quarter in Mukaza commune was providing fuel and gasoline after four days without working. Pump attendants (...)

Bus fare increases by 5% in Burundi

08-10-2018 “The bus fare in Bujumbura city increases from BIF 380 to 400, while transport prices inside the country must not exceed a 5% increase for both people and goods,” reads in a communiqué jointly released on August 9th by the Ministries of Commerce, Transport, Energy and Mine as well (...)

Taxi users deplore arbitrary measure

07-19-2018 All cars carrying passengers in rural public transport must have a black plastic sticker which serves to distinguish taxis operating inside the country from those operating in Bujumbura city. Since 16 July, the police have seized taxis that do not have this sticker and fined their drivers with BIF (...)

Public transport reorganization in Bujumbura raises complaints

05-09-2018 Since the past two weeks, there has been a new organization of public transport in the city of Bujumbura. Some bus stops have been removed others created. Some passengers complain. Séraphine Nitunga, a woman in her forties met on ‘28 Novembre’ road, near Roi Khaled Hospital in the morning, (...)

Burundi government raises fuel price

01-20-2018 “The price of fuel has gone up, the price of 1 liter of gasoline and diesel at gas station will cost BIF 2250, has declared this Friday 19 January, Léonidas Sindayigaya, Spokesman for the Ministry of the Energy and Mines. Before this decision was taken to increase the fuel (...)

“Fuel will be available within three days”, says Ministry of Energy

01-18-2018 Since last Thursday 11January, many of the gas stations in Bujumbura town are not providing fuel. Long queues of vehicles are seen at the few gas stations that have fuel. Léonidas Sindayigaya, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy and Mines reassures: “Fuel will be available within three days.” Sindayigaya (...)