Politicians urge electoral body to provide updated figures

Térence Manirambona, Spokesperson for CNL party says the withdrawal of the provisional results on the electoral body website shows that there was electoral fraud often reported by his party. “We wonder where those figures came from. Is it authorized by the electoral code and who is responsible?” wonders Manirambona.

He also says those provisional results of the presidential and legislative elections were declared in the presence of all electoral stakeholders and diplomatic missions accredited to Burundi on May 25. He also wonders if the electoral body is going to invite people for another proclamation of the election results.

As for Gabriel Banzawitonde, APDR party chairman says withdrawing the provisional results on the CENI website is a good thing. “Maybe they contain technical errors which don’t have any link to the electoral fraud. CENI would correct them and provide updated figures as soon as possible,” says Banzawitonde.

At a press conference organized on May 28, Pierre Claver Kazihise, CENI Chairman has confirmed that the figures of the provisional results have been removed from the commission website.

In fact, he said, they shouldn’t have been published because they had not been checked. “They had not been verified by members of the CENI board. And it is normal that those figures which are not officially published be withdrawn,” he said adding that the board will check them and publish “probably” more accurate figures very soon.