Iwacu news reporters’ lawyers expect release after public hearing

12-30-2019 Agnès Ndirubusa, Christine Kamikazi, Egide Harerimana, Térence Mpozenzi and their driver Adolphe Masabarakiza have appeared before Bubanza High Court, this December 30. After a public hearing which lasted 1h40 min, the Public Prosecutor has just asked for a fifteen-year prison sentence to the four Iwacu news reporters. He has (...)

Landslides in Mugina: 24 dead and 7 wounded

12-06-2019 At least 24 people were killed seven others wounded in the night of December 4th 2019 due to landslides following heavy rains that poured down in Cibitoke province in the west of Burundi. Gikomero, Nyempundu, Rwamagasha and Rukombe hills, all located in Mugina commune of the same province were (...)

CNL party office coated with lubricating oil in Cibitoke

10-17-2019 Unidentified people have painted the office the opposition party CNL with used lubricating oil in Buhindo area in Mugwi Commune of Cibitoke Province in the north western Burundi. “In the morning of October 16, we found our office painted in black,” says CNL member adding that it was coated (...)

Rugombo residents worried about spate of robbery

04-23-2019 More than 75 houses have already been robbed in three areas of Rugombo commune in Cibitoke western province in less than one month. The communal police commissioner plans to hold a security meeting with the administrative authorities to solve the problem. The inhabitants of Mparambo I, Mparambo II and (...)

One shot dead by policeman in Mugina commune

04-17-2019 A man named Didace Nsanze was killed by a policeman in Rugajo locality, Mugina commune, Cibitoke province this Monday 15April 2019 at around 2 am. According to sources on the spot, both the policeman and the deceased person spent the evening together sharing beer and having discussions. “Both of (...)

Nine CNL members detained in Cibitoke are released

04-04-2019 At least nine followers of the National Congress for Liberty-CNL party from Murwi and Mugina communes in Cibitoke province have been released following the order of the Prosecutor General’s order in that province. Four CNL followers from Murwi commune were arrested on 17 March while others from Mugina commune (...)

Mugina: Six CNL followers detained

02-19-2019 Marc Nahimana, Albert Kwizerimana, Richard Niyondiko, Daniel Manirampa, Elias Mvukiyuburundi and Geredy Ntawutangimana from Muyange hill of Mugina Commune in Cibitoke Province, in the west area of the country detained in the dungeon of the commune for over four days. All of them are members of the new party-National (...)

Students from Lycée Cibitoke to pay part-time teachers

10-17-2018 Each student of Lycée Cibitoke in Cibitoke western province has to give BIF 3000 per term to pay part-time teachers. Jean Claude Pfukamahari, a student of 2nd year in pedagogy, says the decision of paying extra money for temporary teachers will improve their learning process. “There are some courses (...)

Gold washers in Mabayi in dire straits following suspension of activities

10-05-2018 After the suspension for one month of all companies and cooperatives that extract and sell minerals in Burundi by the National Security council from 1 October, gold washers from Mabayi Commune in Cibitoke western province say the measure has a negative impact on their lives. N.S, one of the (...)

Three “failed” students who were allowed to pass likely to repeat class

09-28-2018 Ornella Ishime, a student who repeated 6th grade at Mugina Basic School (ECOFO Mugina) in Cibitoke Province says her three former classmates have moved to the next class while they had failed. “They paid money to have new school reports allowing them to be registered in 7th grade in (...)