Three “failed” students who were allowed to pass likely to repeat class

Ornella Ishime, a student who repeated 6th grade at Mugina Basic School (ECOFO Mugina) in Cibitoke Province says her three former classmates have moved to the next class while they had failed. “They paid money to have new school reports allowing them to be registered in 7th grade in other schools,” she says. Clovis, another student from ECOFO Mugina says the education officials should impose serious measures and return them to the 6th grade as they had failed. “This is discouraging,” he says.

cibitokeEric Bavyiruze, chairman of the school committee at ECOFO Mugina says the committee has filed a complaint since they heard that the three students who had failed have been admitted to the 7th grade in another school. “The case has been reported at their school and we are waiting for the feedback,” he says adding that education officials must verify the school documents carefully before receiving new students. Bavyiruze also says parents are worried about the deterioration in the education domain.

Richard Nduwayo, school teacher from ECOFO Mugina dismisses the allegations. “All the students who succeeded had 55% at the end of the year. We got serious problems during the deliberation. In fact, only students with 60% were supposed to succeed according to existing school regulations but the headmaster decided that those with 55% move to the next class,” he says.

Jean Claude Nzakaha, educational advisor in Mugina Commune says such cases are often reported but are still investigated. “We have only discovered one case. A 5th grader has changed his school report to move to the 6th grade but the error was corrected,” he says. Mr. Nzakaha calls on headmasters to carefully check the school reports of their students. “Investigations will be extended to other schools,” he says.

Jean Marie Barutwanayo, headmaster of “Mikashu” basic school where the three “failed” students study says he is informed about their case. “The three students presented official documents testifying that they succeeded. But their former school committee has filed a complaint,” he says.
“After investigations based on facts, we discovered that they had failed in 6th grade,” he says. The headmaster adds that the three students have less than 55% thus making it impossible for them to pass class.

Barutwanayo says the three students will go back to 6th grade and investigation will be conducted to other new students. “We will verify if all new students presented accurate documents,” he says. Iwacu has tried to contact the headmaster of ECOFO Mugina in vain.