Rugombo residents worried about spate of robbery

More than 75 houses have already been robbed in three areas of Rugombo commune in Cibitoke western province in less than one month. The communal police commissioner plans to hold a security meeting with the administrative authorities to solve the problem.

A wall of a house pierced by thieves.

The inhabitants of Mparambo I, Mparambo II and Munyika II areas in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province are in disarray because of their property stolen since early March. They deplore that no thieves have been arrested so far.

Victims say thieves adopted defensive strategies that are difficult to discover in order to prevent them from committing robbery in their houses. “When we get up in the morning, we find our houses cracked and pierced by thieves.”

These people believe that thieves are armed with metal objects that allow them to pierce walls of their homes. They report the most recent case which occurred in the night of April 14 where there was a break-in in six houses.

That robbery has created panic among the population. They wonder how such crimes can be committed while the members of joint security committees and the police officers claim that they conduct night patrols to ensure the security of the population.

Jean-Marie Kwizerimana is one of the inhabitants whose property was stolen. This resident of Mparambo I area reports that 79 houses were attacked by robbers in less than one month.

Faced with this phenomenon of theft, residents of these localities swear that they will do a mob justice arguing that the members of the joint security committees and the police do not protect them.

The communal police commissioner in Rugombo says he is already aware of this situation. He promises to talk with administrative authorities to see how to find a solution to this problem. This police officer warns that strong measures have already been taken adding that anyone who will be arrested for robbery will be severely punished.