Nine CNL members detained in Cibitoke are released

At least nine followers of the National Congress for Liberty-CNL party from Murwi and Mugina communes in Cibitoke province have been released following the order of the Prosecutor General’s order in that province. Four CNL followers from Murwi commune were arrested on 17 March while others from Mugina commune were arrested on 25 March.


Cibitoke province

Their families denounced it and said they were arrested for political reasons. Administrative officials announced that they were detained for organizing illegal meetings.

Simon Bizimungu, MP elected in Cibitoke province and member of the Coalition of Independents “Amizero y’Abarundi” says the accusations submitted to the provincial prosecution were unfounded. “They were accused of holding illegal meetings, something that was not true”, he says.

MP Bizimungu exhorts the administrative officials to always present tangible accusations before arresting any person. He also calls upon CNL followers to be more vigilant and avoid falling again in such a trap. “They have been arrested by people who don’t have any permission to do so”, he says.

Jean Marie Bigirindavyi, Public Prosecutor in Cibitoke province had said the CNL members were arrested for investigative reasons. “If we find that there were irregularities in their arrest or that the charges are unfounded, they will be released”, he said.