Mugina: Six CNL followers detained

Marc Nahimana, Albert Kwizerimana, Richard Niyondiko, Daniel Manirampa, Elias Mvukiyuburundi and Geredy Ntawutangimana from Muyange hill of Mugina Commune in Cibitoke Province, in the west area of the country detained in the dungeon of the commune for over four days. All of them are members of the new party-National Congress for Liberty. They are accused of having held an illegal meeting in that locality in the night of 14 February 2019.

CNL followers detained in the dungeon of Mugina Commune

According to local sources, they have been arrested when they discussed the new approval of their party-CNL. On 14 February, the Ministry of Home Affairs approved the National Congress for Liberty, a new political party chaired by Agathon Rwasa, First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and leader of the Coalition of Independents “Amizero y’Abarundi”.

Simon Bizimana, MP elected in Cibitoke Constituency is disappointed to hear their arrest when they are accused of nothing. He exhorts the competent authorities to immediately release them without any condition. The police chief of Mugina Commune confirmed their arrest. Without giving more details, he said the case is under investigation.