CNL party office coated with lubricating oil in Cibitoke

Unidentified people have painted the office the opposition party CNL with used lubricating oil in Buhindo area in Mugwi Commune of Cibitoke Province in the north western Burundi.

CNL office vandalized in Kanyosha/archive photo

“In the morning of October 16, we found our office painted in black,” says CNL member adding that it was coated with used lubricating oils.

Other sources say these criminals also drew crosses on this CNL office.

Charles Ndayisenga, the representative of CNL party in Mugwi Commune considers those acts as a provocation.

He asks the administrative and security authorities to conduct investigations to identify the perpetrators of these crimes. “They must be punished seriously. They violated the law governing political polities, “says Ndayisenga.

Joseph Ciza, Administrator of Mugwi Commune promises to punish those who will be found guilty.
“I do not understand people who dare do such acts when I always advise members of different political parties to coexist peacefully,” he says.