OXFAM to close its offices in Burundi


The British organization Oxfam International which has been working in Burundi since the 1990s is to close all its offices by 2022-2023.

Joel Ngba Nyanding: “The coronavirus pandemic is one of the main reasons behind the closure of OXFAM offices in 18 countries, including Burundi.

Joel Ngba Nyanding, Country representative of OXFAM in Burundi, says this closure was not caused by a particular problem in the country. The financial crises within the international office and other internal challenges are behind the closing of its offices in 18 countries including Burundi.

“Since 2017, OXFAM has been experiencing financial problems,” says Mr. Ngba Nyanding, adding that the coronavirus pandemic was also among the main reasons behind this decision.
“Oxfam receives the majority of its funds from the fundraising activities organized in donor countries such as Spain and the Great Britain. These activities have been suspended due to the lockdown imposed in those countries and this caused the organization a loss of 100 million dollars.”

Despite the upcoming closure, OXFAM country office reassures its employees and local partners saying it still has two years to prepare a good separation with them. “It will take a separation package and the necessary compensation according to the law and the contracts that we have signed or that we would have to sign.”

For its local partners that deliver 80% of the funding that the organization receives, OXFAM country representative says the organization will support them so that they can keep up with their missions.

Joel Ngba Nyanding assures the Burundian government, OXFAM Burundi employees and their partners that this British organization will keep looking for opportunities to open a regional office to continue supporting the country.

Oxfam International office in Burundi works in 14 provinces and focuses on sustainable agriculture, active citizenship, good governance and the decrease of the risk of humanitarian catastrophes.