Employees concerned over merging of SOBUGEA with AIR Burundi

06-09-2020 Hamisi Hakizimana, Chairman of the Union of SOBUGEA employees says they are waiting for the new government guidelines. “We don’t know if all employees will continue to work within SOBUGEA Company or lose their jobs after its merging with AIR Burundi,” he says. Mr Hakizimana also says some employees (...)

Over 92,000 ninth grade students to sit for national exam

06-09-2020 Déogratias Ninyibuka, Chairman of a Commission in charge of preparing the national exam in ninth grade of Basic Schools says the exam papers have been sent to the exam centers. “Over 92,600 students are expected to sit for the national exam scheduled from 9 to 11 June in 949 (...)

Over 300 mass graves identified in Ngozi Province

06-03-2020 The Burundian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) has begun since 2 June a three- day-activity of exhuming human remains in mass graves located in Burenge locality in Marangara commune of Ngozi northern province. These mass graves contain people killed in the massacres committed in 1988. Clément Noé Ninziza, Deputy (...)

COVID-19: OLUCOME concerned over contempt for preventive measures

06-03-2020 Gabriel Rufyiri, OLUCOME Chairman says his organization is concerned over the lack of respect for the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic in Burundi. Rufyiri wonders whether or not the pandemic is no longer a concern for Burundi. “Some Burundians don’t respect the preventive measures when the pandemic doesn’t (...)

Gatumba: Ninth-grade students to do national exam despite enormous challenges

06-02-2020 Students from the ninth grade in Basic School of Gatumba area, recently flooded by Rusizi River, in Bujumbura province are preparing to sit for the national exam scheduled from 9 to 11 June. Solange Nelly Niyonkuru, a student at “Mushasha I” Basic School in Gatumba locality says she lost (...)

Menstrual period, ordeal for Kigaramango internally displaced women

05-29-2020 On the occasion of the Menstrual Hygiene Day, women and girls living in the Kigaramango IDP site say they go through an ordeal during the menstrual period. They cannot afford sanitary napkins. They use pieces of torn clothes that often cause the infections of the female reproductive system. “Since (...)

HIV AIDS: drug users more at risk

05-13-2020 10.2% is the seroprevalence rate among drug users, especially injectables, in the town hall of Bujumbura. The latter are the second most vulnerable to HIV AIDS in BuOne syringe for every 10 injecting drug users or needles collected from the trash. This is a reality experienced by many young (...)

World AIDS Orphans’ Day: Burundian AIDS orphans face enormous problems

05-08-2020 Lack of medicines and means, discrimination, stigma …are some challenges faced by Burundian AIDS orphans. Chantal Mbonankira, 28, is an AIDS orphan since her third year of birth. She says she faces several challenges since she knew she is living with AIDS ten years after her parent had died. (...)

COVID-19: USA to give $ one million to protect vulnerable Burundians

05-07-2020 In a telephone press briefing on COVID-19 in Africa and the USA response this May 6, Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy, Assistant Secretary in charge of African Affairs’ Bureau has said the USA expects to give more than $ 1 million in migration and refugee humanitarian assistance which will help (...)

Burundi confirms new COVID-19 case

04-24-2020 The Ministry of Health has confirmed a new coronavirus case which raises the number of infection to 12. In a statement released on 24 April, Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health said the new COVID-19 patient is a trainee nurse working at Prince Louis Rwagasore Hospital that houses COVID-19 patients. (...)