OLUCOME concerned over corruption reported in transfer process within Health Ministry

Gabriel Rufyiri, Chairman of the corruption watchdog-OLUCOME says different transfers are being operated in different hospitals, health districts and other services of the Ministry of Public Health throughout the country these days marking the end of the 2015-2020 term.
He says a few transfers are reported in Ngozi hospital, Kabezi and Ngagara health districts….

Gabriel Rufyiri: “Health workers who are transferred are required to give an amount estimated between two and three million as corruption”.

“Health workers who are transferred are required to give an amount estimated at between two and three million as corruption while Burundians are living in dire conditions,” he says.

Mr Rufyiri urges the new President, his Vice-president, his Prime Minister as well as senior advisors in his office to intervene and suspend this corruption.
OLOCUME Chairman says such cases are reported not only in the health sector but also in other public sectors.

He also calls on the ad-hoc commission established in March 2020 to follow closely the management of the state property and identify all embezzlement cases that would have occurred in different public institutions before, during and after the elections.

Jean Bosco Girukwishaka, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health says it isn’t the first time that OLUCOME denounces such cases.

“The Ministry has identified some swindlers who used the phone number of the Minister to trick people,” he says adding that people are cheated believing that they are going to be employed or transferred within that ministry.

Mr Girukwishaka exhorts people to always be vigilant to avoid being swindled and denounce swindlers. “We must work together to fight those wrongdoers,” he concludes.