National exam starts with irregularities


The national examination of ninth grade students in basic schools has started on 9 June across the country. The directors of some exam centers in Bujumbura city, say the examination is, in general, going well, except some few irregularities noticed at the beginning.

students of the 9th year class of basic school during the national examination, 2020 edition.

“We started the work early in the morning. My assistant and I arrived at 5 o’clock and the supervisors arrived at 6:00 while students had been here since 7 a.m.,” says Alphonsine Ndayishimiye, president of the exam center located at Notre Dame Rohero high school. She also says there had been no absence and all 219 candidates from four different schools were present.

However, the president of that center says the test started 48 minutes late because of irregularities like draft papers that came late and tables that were not appropriate. “We had to look for other tables.” The situation was the same at Lake Tanganyika High School though the police presence in the courtyard of the school was very remarkable.

Emelyne Ndayirukiye, president of the exam center located at Lake Tanganyika II high school said that the national examination was going well, except the delay of the candidates which made the exam start 55 minutes late.

She said among the 371 students that the center was to host, only five were absent adding that candidates come from three schools.

More than 92,000 students sit for the national examination in 949 centers to do six exams in three days.