Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

Burundi sports journalists receive vocational training after five years

The Association of Sports Journalists (AJSB) has organized since July 31 a three-day training to build the capacities of sports journalists. Liliane Nshimirimana, AJSB chairperson, says the training is organized five years after sports journalists have not received any training while many new sports journalists have been recruited. She hopes that this training will increase […] (...)

CNC officially launches issuance of national press card

Burundi Media Regulator -CNC officially launched the issuance of a national press card this July 30. Journalists say these cards will allow them easy access to information sources. “More than 1,500 journalists submitted their applications for press cards to CNC. 772 of them working for 42 media outlets met the eligibility criteria to get a […] (...)

EU gives euro 6.9 million for Lake Tanganyika protection

On July 25, 2019, Burundi government officially launched the Lake Tanganyika Water Management (LATAWAMA) project financed by the European Union. The aim of the project is to protect the environment, enhance biodiversity and combat the effects of climate change. “EU has given € 6.9 million to finance Lake Tanganyika Water Management “LATAWAMA regional project that […] (...)

CNL opposition party refused to establish communal office in Gatumba

In the night of July 24, a grenade was thrown in a house recently rented by CNL, an opposition, in Mushasha I locality of Gatumba area in Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura province. The house was supposed to serve as CNL party office in that commune. Sources on the spot interviewed in the morning of this […] (...)

Scarcity of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock in Bujumbura

Consumers of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock are worried about the shortage of their favorite drinks. They urge competent authorities to resolve the issue. “I have not found my favorite drink ‘Amstel Beer’ for over a month. It is no longer available in several bars in Bujumbura, “says Jimmy Nkeshimana, an inhabitant of Ngagara neighborhood […] (...)

CENI invites CSOs to apply for monitoring 2020 elections

In an announcement made this July 23 during a meeting with representatives of CSOs and religious denominations, the Independent National Electoral Commission-CENI has given 10 days to civil society organizations and religious denomination wishing to contribute to the holding of 2020 elections to apply. Applications will be submitted from Wednesday, July 24 to August 02, […] (...)

Over 50 restaurants temporarily closed at Bujumbura City Market

More than 50 restaurants located along Bujumbura City Market commonly known as ‘Chez Sion’ were closed in the morning of July 17. Restaurant owners have implemented the decision of the Bujumbura Mayor to close restaurants and bar that neither have drinking water nor toilets. “We have not opened restaurants this morning. The Mayor of Bujumbura […] (...)

BBC closes its office in Burundi permanently

The British Radio BBC decided this 16 July to permanently close its office in Burundi. It also suspended all its activities in the country. On its Twitter page, the BBC announced that “it closes its office in Burundi after “the failure of negotiations with the Burundian authorities”. This decision comes after the Burundi Media Regulator-CNC […] (...)

Seven people detained in Nyarusange for breaking curfew

At least seven people from the Gasenyi area in Nyarusange commune of Gitega central province have been detained in Gitega jail since 10 July. “They were arrested by the police accompanied by some youth of the ruling party CNDD-FDD around 8 p.m.,” sources say, adding that “five of those who were apprehended are of the […] (...)

Shortage of “Class” condoms in Bujumbura

The Shortage of “Class” condoms has been observed in the Burundian capital for months. People who prefer this brand don’t know the cause of this shortage. “Nobody has informed us,” says U.K, a young man living in Bwiza neighborhood, in the center of Bujumbura. In this locality, customers complain that once they find these “Class” […] (...)
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