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Burundi reports third case of COVID-19

04-03-2020 “The third person has tested positive for COVID-19,” announced Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Public Health at a press conference this 2 April. It’s a 26-year-old girl tested among 23 others who had been in contact with the two COVID-19 patients identified on 30 March. “22 cases tested negative for (...)

COVID-19: Burundi has to be careful before deciding lockdown, economist says

03-27-2020 Burundi has not yet registered any case of COVID-19 infection so far, according to the communiqué of the government released on 25 March. The government has taken some measures, including closing the borders with neighboring countries affected with pandemic and suspending flights at Burundi Melchior Ndadaye International Airport to (...)

Over 2,500 water sources dried in Burundi, Environment Ministry says

03-27-2020 “Our country has 24,787 water sources, 17,821 of them are preserved, 1,418 are disappearing while 2,508 have completely dried up,” said Emmanuel Ndorimana, permanent secretary to the Minister of Environment this 26 March. It was in the context of the celebration of the International Water Day which is usually (...)

Passengers at Bujumbura bus parking have to wash hands before getting into buses

03-26-2020 On the occasion of the Public Transport Day celebrated on 25 March, Burundian transport operators ask people to wash hands before getting into bus as the day coincides with the wide spread of COVID-19. The Association of Transport Operators in Burundi set up hand washing mechanisms in various bus (...)

Business activities slows down at Bujumbura City Market following COVID-19 prevention measures

03-25-2020 The movement of customers and travelers has significantly decreased at Bujumbura City Market commonly known as “kwa Siyoni”. Some travel agencies inside this market are closed while some others are opened by agency officers who to stay there to spend time. This situation is due to the preventive measures (...)

CENI intends to exclude Kira-Burundi from 2020 elections, legal representative says

03-24-2020 The Political Coalition Kira Burundi accuses the Electoral Commission of deliberately trying to exclude it from the upcoming 2020 elections. At a press conference held on 23 March, Aloys Baricako, Kira-Burundi legal representative referred to the fact that e CENI rejected all the candidacies submitted for the next legislative (...)
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Ndikumana holding her son appears before Muha Court of Appeal

03-07-2020 Aline Ndikumana appeared on 6 March before the Court of Appeal of Muha commune. She is accused of illegally possessing firearms. The court postponed the trial to investigate in details charges against the detainee. Detained for more than six months as she is accused of “illegally possessing firearms”, Aline (...)

Over 80% of fertilizers needed for 2020 B growing season distributed to farmers

03-06-2020 “During this 2020 B growing season, fertilizers needed are estimated at 21, 613, 325 tons. 17, 549,390 tons, i.e. 81.2%, have already been distributed to farmers,” said Déo Guide Rurema Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock at a press conference held on 5 March. He added that 92% (...)

UPRONA candidate for 2020 elections accuses CVR of being politically motivated

03-05-2020 “We will amend laws governing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) and the National Commission on Lands and other Properties once we win the elections,” announced Gaston Sindimwo, the First Vice-President of Burundi and UPRONA representative in the presidential elections of May 2020. It was at a press conference (...)

Anti-corruption watchdog criticizes 2020/2021 finance bill

03-04-2020 The Council of Ministers approved the bill on the 2020/2021 public finance at a meeting held from 26 to 27 February. For the 2020/2021 financial year, the total resources of the General State Budget are estimated at BIF 1,415.51 billion while they were estimated at BIF 1,327.08 billion for (...)