Lorraine Josiane Manishatse

Bar owners ask Bujumbura Mayor to increase opening hours

Freddy Mbinimpa, Mayor of Bujumbura, took, on 22 December, a series of measures including fixing the opening and closing hours of bars. Bars must open after 5 p.m. and close before 9 p.m., on weekdays while they open after 1 p.m. to close before 9 p.m. on weekends. At a meeting held on 19 December […] (...)

CVR exhumes human remains in mass grave in Kamenge

Since December 16, the Burundian Truth and Reconciliation Commission [CVR] has been exhuming human remains in the mass grave identified in the former Kamenge market in Ntahangwa commune in the north of Bujumbura. This activity will take five days. This 18 December, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR unearthed a person’s remains. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, CVR […] (...)

Drivers association denounces increase in price of transport documents

The Association of Drivers in Burundi (ATRABU) requests the revision of the measure taken to increase the price of vehicle technical inspection service and transport permit in force since 9 December. The cost of technical inspection service increased from BIF20, 000 to 57,000 while the transport permit increased from BIF 30,000 to 100,000, following the […] (...)

Half of women and children going to hospital suffer from malaria, Minister of Health says

“Approximately 7 million insecticide-treated nets will be distributed to the Burundian population across the country,” said Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health while he was officially opening the campaign of distributing mosquito nets this 16 December. This activity took place in Rugombo Commune of Cibitoke Province in northwestern Burundi. Minister Ndikumana has called on the population […] (...)

CDP Inserukarukamvye party to participate in 2020 elections at any cost

Anicet Niyonkuru, chairman of Patriots Council –CDP Inserukarukamvye party returned to Burundi from exile in the evening of 11 December. When he arrived at Melchior Ndadaye International Airport, Niyonkuru said “he came to prepare for the upcoming elections scheduled for May 2020.” At a press conference held on 13 December, he said his party will […] (...)

Two influential members of CNL party arrested in Kanyosha

Remy Havyarimana, Secretary of the opposition party National Congress for Liberty-CNL in Kanyosha area was arrested in the evening of 11 December and Gaspard Nzobakenga, the propagandist of the same party in Kinzingwe-Bihara neighborhood got arrested in the morning of 12 December. The reasons for their arrest are still unknown. “Remy Havyarimana was arrested around […] (...)

Voters’ registration process running smoothly, CENI says

“More than 36,000 out of 100,000 expected people have been registered since the beginning of the ongoing partial voters’ registration process throughout the country,” said Pierre Claver Kazihise, Chairman of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) at a press conference held this 11 December. The process of registering voters and posting lists of voters in […] (...)

ICRC to supplement prisoners’ diet

The International Committee of the Red Cross has handed two projects of vegetable gardens and one fish project over to the General Directorate of Prison Affairs on this 10 December. The projects of vegetable gardens were carried out in Mpimba and Bubanza prisons while the fish project was implemented in Muramvya prison. The products that […] (...)

Few people participate in voter registration process

A delayed opening of voters registration offices and a low participation of voters are the irregularities observed this Monday 9 December, the first day of partial registration of voters for the upcoming 2020 elections. At 10am, a person was registering in the office located at Fine school, in Musama V neighborhood in Kanyosha area. Two […] (...)

US Embassy to strengthen partnership with University of Burundi

The US Ambassador to Burundi visited the University of Burundi on 5 December. The aim of the visit was to strengthen partnership with this university. “The US Embassy has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Burundi which is limited to English learning,” said Eunic Sharom Reddick, US Ambassador to Burundi. In her meeting […] (...)