Thirteen students of ETS-Kamenge spent night in detention

Thirteen students from Kamenge Secondary Technical School (ETS-Kamenge) have been detained since the night of 3 June. They are accused of stealing materials from the Electoral Commission of Ntahangwa commune.

ETS Kamenge premises

Voters’ cards, inks, scissors, torches, computers, ropes that were used in the alignment of voters and empty envelopes from CECI Ntahangwa were stolen in the night of 3 June by 13 students of ETS-Kamenge

Jean-Bosco Nzitonda, headmaster of this establishment indicates that this robbery was committed around 9 pm. He also mentions that these students had to break windows of the classroom in which these tools were stored to reach them. “We thank God that night watchmen were able to apprehend these students and identify them,” says Nzitonda.

ETS-Kamenge headmaster informs that the 13 students were handed over to police officers the same evening adding that they have been brought to justice to be questioned for the moment.