' Barricades erected in the street of Cibitoke Zone during demonstration against the reelection of Burundi President in 2015

No more trust between Cibitoke and Kamenge residents

10-17-2017 Some residents of the Cibitoke neighborhood, referred to as anti-President Nkurunziza say they do not feel safe when they are in Kamenge, a so-called pro-government neighborhood. Same feeling for some people from Kamenge. They ask for immediate actions to get them united to overcome fear and prejudices. Burundi has (...)
' Cases of killing have taken on considerable scale in Mugina commune.

Cibitoke Province: Increase in number of assassinations

06-28-2017 Four people accused of witchcraft were killed within one week. The Police and provincial administration say investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators of the crimes. The latest of the victims have been killed on Saturday 19 June at Nyempundu area. “The victim’s name is Claude Nzeyimana. He was (...)
' Flood hits northern areas of Bujumbura, the capital.

Six people die due to torrential rain in Burundi

03-17-2017 Flooding woke inhabitants of Western Cibitoke Province and northern areas in the capital Bujumbura when it invaded their homes on the night of 16 March. Six people died and hundreds of houses were destroyed. On Gafumbegeti zone in Mabayi Commune of Cibitoke Province, five children of the same family (...)
' A cornfield ravaged by caterpillars in Rugombo Commune, Cibitoke Province

Pests damage agricultural production in Imbo Region

01-31-2017 “The provinces most affected by plant pests are Cibitoke Bubanza and Rumunge of the Imbo high temperature region. The average agricultural production varies between 50% and 60%. The production average is even less than 50% in some areas of Cibitoke western province”, says Salvator Sindayihebura, Director General of Agriculture. (...)
' Cibitoke Province Office

Two people accused of witchcraft killed in western Burundi

01-11-2017 Felix Ntukamazina and Onesphore Marondereye were killed in the evening of 8 January in Mageyo area, Butahana district, Mabayi Municipality in Cibitoke north-western province. Local sources reported that the perpetrators of the double crime were armed with clubs and machetes. Masabarakiza Pascal, Administrator of Mabayi Commune admits that that (...)
' 797 Congolese claim asylum in Burundi

797 Congolese claim asylum in Burundi

12-15-2016 Due to the clashes between the Congolese army and Mayi-Mayi militia since 2 December, 796 Congolese asylum seekers have been sheltered at the Cishemere Congolese refugees’ transit site, in the province of Cibitoke, North-west of Burundi. 200 among them who are already recognized by Burundi government as Congolese refugees (...)
' jacques

Heavy Rain Destroyed Three classrooms in Bujumbura Northern City

10-18-2016 The heavy rain that fell last week in Cibitoke neighborhood of Ntahangwa Commune of Bujumbura the capital destroyed three classrooms of Lycée Municipal de Cibitoke. Classroom roofs have been damaged. 9th form pupils from the Fundamental school and those from 1st year of social and human sciences section have (...)
' Aaron

Cibitoke Attack : His name was Aaron Manirampa

03-02-2015 Pictures of the mutilated young man went around social networks. Two terrible pictures: on one, he is tied up and alive. On the other, he lies on the ground. Killed. Aaron Manirampa is one of those young rebels coldly executed in Murwi Commune December 2014. Iwacu found his family (...)
' Rebels

Cow herders during the day, rebels at night

02-04-2015 The rebels who carried out the attack in Cibitoke province in December 2014, affirm that they work as cow herders during the day and learn how to manage guns during the night. It is a cautionary story but the information doesn’t reveal their identity.-By Dieudonné Hakizimana and Christian Bigirimana, (...)
' rebelles

Extrajudicial killing cases at Cibitoke

01-09-2015 According to the Chairman of APRODH, during a confrontation between the Burundian army and armed rebels which took place inCibitoke Province between 30 December 2014 and 4 January 2015, 95 assailants were killed, 37 cases of which qualified as extra-judicial killings.–By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse 95 assailants, 2 Burundian soldiers (...)
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