' Catholics carrying a cross in a religious ceremony.

Controversial new religious monitoring body: a tool for peace or terror?

01-23-2017 The government and religious leaders have created an authority that will monitor, regulate and settle religious matters. The organisation has generated controversy, with some worrying about the future of state-church relationships. The Ministry of Interior and Civic Education has set up a body with the primary mission of settling (...)
' berge

Primary school teacher accused of sexual abuse

01-20-2017 At la bergeonnette primary school in Gitega, a 59 year old teacher is accused of abusing sexually his students. Over 16 young girls were brought by their parents to a center for sexual abuse victims, Humura, for consultation. A parent reported what her child in 4th form told her (...)
' A plantation of beans affected by drought

Itaba population suffers from hunger due to long dry season

01-19-2017 Adolphe Nshimumuremyi, Administrator of Itaba commune in Gitega central province, has said this Thursday 19 January 2017, that the long dry season is the root cause of the lack of food in their commune. The population is being sensitized to new measures to fight hunger, local administration says. “At (...)
' Bird flu is caused by H5N1 virus and spreads very fast among birds and can be transmitted to human beings.

Bird flu in East Africa, Burundi on alert…

01-19-2017 Since January 02, signs of bird flu were detected in Uganda where fishermen reported “mass death of wild birds” on the shores of Lake Victoria, near Entebbe, which lies near the capital Kampala. Burundi is on alert. The director in charge of animal health in the Burundian ministry of (...)
' Pupils are chased because of non payment of extra class session fees

No more payment for extra classes, says Education Minister

01-18-2017 “Extra classes are free in fundamental schools” a decision communicated by the minister of education in a press conference on Monday, 16 January 2017. In the press conference held on 16 January, JanviereNdirahisha, Minister of Education said they realized that fees for those sessions are compulsory while education is (...)
' Drought, the main cause of hunger in Bubanza Province

Four people died from hunger in Bubanza Province

01-18-2017 The fields are dry due to drought caused by the shortage of rain in Bubanza western province of Burundi. Four people have already died since the past two weeks. Serious measures will be taken if the situation persists, government say. “I have nothing to eat. I have only legumes (...)
' The Church after its collapse on Sunday 15 January.

Members “miraculously” survive church collapse

01-17-2017 Members of the International Holy Elyon Church miraculously escaped a church collapse caused by heavy rain and strong wind on Sunday evening in Kanyosha, Bujumbura. Members of the Church say they were more than 50 people praying when a severe weather with heavy rain, violent wind and hail broke. (...)
' “We don’t expect to get compensation that equals all the money we have used to build”, says one resident.

New presidential palace under construction: Future evacuees worry about compensation

01-12-2017 As the government prepares to evacuate residents of areas around the plot where a new presidential palace is being built just outside Bujumbura city, in Gasenyi locality, the residents fear they will not get fair compensation. So far, they are not yet aware of the compensation options. No compensation (...)
' Pupils are chased because of non payment of extra class session fees

Books Delay impact on Post- basic Education

01-11-2017 The delay of books in different post- basic schools in Burundi leads to non-completion of the programs. Teachers from two public secondary schools in Bujumbura city council, namely” Lycée Municipal Rohero” and” Lycée Municipal Bwiza” (in Mukaza commune), call on the government to avail books for the 2nd term (...)
' In Bujumbura, 7 cases of children thrown in dustbins in 2016

Cases of abandoned children on the rise in Burundi

01-11-2017 A newborn baby has been found in front of the office of Muyinga Province Governor in the morning of Monday 9th January 2017, local sources say. Her mother left it just after birth. The baby was immediately brought to Muyinga hospital by the administrative authorities to prevent any infection. (...)