' Célestin Nibona-Bonasize “Internal students have to conform to the University’s regulations”

Imbonerakure students accused of conducting night patrols on Mutanga campus

08-17-2017 At Mutanga Campus of Burundi University, students say they are seriously beaten by imbonerakure students when they go back to the campus late in the night. The campus security officer denies the students’ claim and appeals to them to conform to the university regulations. The students accuse some imbonerakure (...)
' Innocent Ntabana
Executive Director, Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat

What is the value of water?

08-17-2017 When you and I breathe in fresh air, the amount I inhale affects you in no way. This is because air is abundant and so there’s plenty of it to go around. We actually take it for granted since it exists in copious amounts. Now, imagine a situation where (...)
' Burundian refugees in Mahama camp

Interior Minister calls on Burundian refugees to come back home

08-10-2017 Burundi Minister of the Interior is calling on Burundian refugees to come back into the fold. Some refugees say the time is not yet opportune to return to Burundi. Their security is not ensured, according to them. “Some Burundians in exile say they are afraid of returning home thinking (...)
' Lake Tanganyika is mainly threatened by industrial wastes…

Lack of determination and will to protect Lake Tanganyika,Vice president says

08-08-2017 The Second Vice President, Joseph Butore, alongside other high level government officials carried out a field visit along the shores of Lake Tanganyika to notice the current situation on the pollution of Lake Tanganyika and its biodiversity. He said there is a lack of determination and will to protect (...)
' “Pupils are sitting for the national test which gives them access to university education”

About 55,000 students sit for National Test

08-07-2017 Final year students from secondary school are sitting for a national test from today 7 till 10 July 2017. The test will give them access to university education   55,438 students were supposed to sit for the national test this Monday in 63 examination centres throughout the country. However, (...)

WFP resumes food assistance to HIV positive people with acute malnutrition

08-03-2017 The World Food Program (WFP) has resumed its project to provide food assistance to people living with HIV / AIDS since July. In a statement issued on 2 August, WFP declared that the assistance is for HIV affected patients who started antiretroviral therapy, for children and women under the (...)
' Jacques Nshimirimana awarded by ORA Kinderhilfe International for his commitment to defending Burundian children’s rights.

Children’s rights activist calls on Government to sign labor agreement with Arab countries

08-01-2017 The chairman of National Federation of Associations Engaged in Children’s Welfare (FENADEB) appeals to Burundi Government to sign labor agreement with the Gulf states to combat the trafficking of Burundian women. On the occasion of the week dedicated to the fight against human trafficking, FENADEB asks the Burundian Government (...)
' Joseph Nindorera hiking in Kabezi, 15 km from Bujumbura (January 1993)

The ultimate battle of Joseph Nindorera

07-31-2017 Ten days away from Dr. Joseph Nindorera’s end-of-mourning ceremony, one of his sons pays homage to him. Breaking the habit of pompously reciting a CV, he reminisces about his father’s final hours … On August 23, 2016, Joseph Nindorera passed away at 86. His heart’s fatigue and eagerness for (...)
' Annick Kabatesi: “It is a loss for both the artists and country”

Burundi not represented in Francophonie games

07-26-2017 “We have not so far been informed about the reasons for the cancellation of our participation in the Francophonie games at the last minute”, says Annick Kabatesi, head of the fashion company which makes clothes from ficus tree, who was among participants in the competition. The Francophonie games that (...)
' Personnel-dIwacu

“Dear Jean, we will never forget you!”

07-21-2017 Iwacu Press Group commemorates one year of the disappearance of its journalist, Jean Bigirimana, who has gone missing since 22 July 2016. No evidence of his death so far . “You were a colleague, a friend and brother. Your sense of responsibility, your passion for journalism, your professionalism and (...)