' The new building for women and children at Kamenge Military Hospital

150 patients to be received in newly built center at Kamenge Military Hospital

09-22-2017 One hundred and fifty beds for patients are now available in the new building of three floors at Kamenge Military Hospital, in the capital Bujumbura. The new center for women and children will house pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology and neonatology departments. Dr. Marc Nimburanira, Director of the hospital, says the center (...)
' The Environment Ministry announces that the rainfall will be low during this agricultural season

La Niña in observation phase during rainy season

09-21-2017 The Ministry of Environment, Water and Urban territory has announced that the rainfall will be low for this agricultural season (from October to December). The meteorological forecast from September to December during this agricultural season shows that the rainfall will decrease gradually. “The situation will be normal but the (...)
' Participants in an outreach session on SGBV specific law

Foreign Affairs Ministry committed to eradicating SGBV

09-20-2017 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has conducted an outreach session on a special law on gender based violence this September 20th in Mukaza commune. Jean de Dieu Ndikumana, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says the number of victims of Sexual and Gender Based (...)
' Returnees will spend 48 hours before going back to their places of origin

Burundian refugees continue to return

09-20-2017 Around five hundred Burundians from Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania have been received by Burundi Government this 19 September. They will spend 48 hours in Gitara transit center in Mabanda Commune of Makamba province before going back to their native localities. One hundred and thirty seven families made of (...)
' Young leaders of political parties who participated in the Workshop

Communication can save or endanger community

09-20-2017 The Ombudsman office in partnership with UNFPA has organized a workshop in Kirundo province this 19 September 2017. Participants were youth from different political parties and the focus was on non-violent communication, gender-based violence prevention and mutual respect. In his speech, Burundi Ombudsman Edouard Nduwimana mentions the role of (...)
' Kagwema inhabitants draw water from Rusizi River

Four deaths in Kagwema due to cholera

09-14-2017 Two kids, a 17 year-old man and a 60 year-old man have already died in a week due to cholera disease in Kagwema area of Gihanga Commune in Bubanza western Province. Quentin Marc Ngendakumana, chief of Kagwema hill, says the symptoms of the affected people are diarrhea and vomiting. (...)
' Some Burundian returnees from Tanzania on Gisuru-Goma border

First group of refugees arrives in Burundi from Tanzania

09-08-2017 301 Burundians from Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania arrived in the country on 7 September. They were received in Gisuru commune of Ruyigi province. These returnees said they were voluntarily repatriated. Around 12,000 Burundi refugees seek to be repatriated by the end of December 2017. Ninety-seven families made of (...)
' GSP, one of the medical schools closed

Some private medical schools obliged to close and others suspended

09-07-2017 The ministry of health has decided to close three medical schools and suspend others. It says those schools are closed to improve the quality of education in health sector. Three schools operating in Bujumbura namely Medical institute of Bujumbura known as ITEM, Paramedical school group (GSP) and Salama medical (...)
' Malaria patients at Gitega Hospital

Malaria cases significantly decreased, Health Ministry says

09-07-2017 The spokesman for the Ministry of Health announced on 6 September that malaria cases have significantly decreased thanks to government’s efforts to combat this malaria epidemic. The population complain that they did not have mosquito nets as planned in the response plan. On 13 March, the Minister of Health (...)
' The rise in school fees will start with the forthcoming first term scheduled on 11 September

School fees to increase in Burundi

09-06-2017 A week before the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year due on 11 September, the Ministry of Education announces that the school fees are going to increase. In order to harmonize school fee payment, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education, says the fee for the boarding-school system is now fixed (...)