' Spès Caritas Nsavyimana: “The inaccessibility to care and expensive treatment are the major causes of this warning about the potential threat that NCDs represent to the population”

Non-communicable diseases, threat to the world

03-28-2017 Burundi Non-Communicable Disease Alliance in collaboration with East Africa Non- Communicable Disease Alliance has organized this 28 March a workshop on exchanges and advocacy over non-communicable diseases [NCDs]. Patients say they face various challenges. “The treatment of diabetes is very expensive while we are financially challenged”, says Firmat Nininahazwe, (...)
' Illegal coltan and cassiterite traffickers arrested in Kirundo as they attempted to smuggle the minerals to Rwanda.

Surge in illegal – and failed- mineral traffic attempts

03-25-2017 Recent foiled mineral smuggling attempts were destined to Rwanda that is reported to have an expending trade of coltan. Despite reports of renewed mineral smuggling failed attempts, the police and the Burundi Mining Office (OBM) note a remarkable decrease in illicit mineral traffic due to dissuasive actions and the (...)
' Minister of Health distributes food to the vulnerable on the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day

“We do not hope to be cured as long as we starve”

03-25-2017 About 8,000 people had contracted tuberculosis in Burundi in 2016. More than 4,000 suffered from contagious tuberculosis, said the Minister of Health marking World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March. Hungry sufferers say that their tuberculosis cannot be cured as long as they have nothing to eat. More than 10 (...)
' The poorest households will receive BIF 20,000 per month

Burundi receives $40 million for poorest households

03-25-2017 The International Development Association (IDA) through the World Bank has provided additional funding of $40 million to Burundi. On 23 March, the Burundi National Assembly approved the distribution of the money transfer to the poorest households in the country. “Each household will receive an amount of BIF 20,000 per (...)
' The bicycle taxi parking at the market commonly called COTEBU

Bicycle taxi riders say license plate issue creates confusion

03-23-2017 Bicycle-taxi users in Bujumbura city say they are confused by people who call themselves members of Solidarity of Bicycle Taxi of Burundi [SOTAVEBU] and impose fines on bicycle taxi users without license plates. The Transport Minister had suspended the measure to purchase them. “Since last week, I was intercepted (...)
' “The mango tree protected that home from being completely destroyed”, says Patrice Ndikumasabo.

Bujumbura residents survive fierce wind, but left with no shelter

03-23-2017 The affected residents, who say they are currently sheltered by their neighbours and families, ask for help to rebuild their homes. The fierce wind that gusted across the municipality of Bujumbura destroying homes yesterday night thankfully took no human life. The wind broke out at night when the majority (...)
' The capacity of the waste water treatment plant in Buterere area remains largely underutilized

Waste water, threat to Lake Tanganyika

03-22-2017 On the celebration of the World Water Day which takes place each 22 March, Burundi Ministry of Environment calls on local administrative officials and the population to be involved in the management of wastewater to avoid polluting Tanganyika Lake. Industrial activities such as the discharge of waste oils, various (...)
' Gasenyi inhabitants forcibly evicted from their plots claim compensation

Gasenyi inhabitants forcibly evicted from their plots claim compensation

03-22-2017 Burundi Government requires residents living within a 40-hectare area around the new President office under construction to leave the place before 31 March 2017. Construction activities in the area of 160 ha must also be suspended. Inhabitants of the area ask the Government to compensate them for their houses (...)
' Rusizi National Park threatened by illegal fishing

Environment Ministry calls for effective protection of Burundian Forests

03-21-2017 While the world celebrates the International Day of Forests on 21 March of each year, bush fires, agricultural activities, anarchical constructions, illegal fishing, etc. caused by human activities constitute a threat to Burundi forests. Burundi Environment Ministry says a sensitization campaign is the main strategy to preserve forests and (...)
' Flood hits northern areas of Bujumbura, the capital.

Six people die due to torrential rain in Burundi

03-17-2017 Flooding woke inhabitants of Western Cibitoke Province and northern areas in the capital Bujumbura when it invaded their homes on the night of 16 March. Six people died and hundreds of houses were destroyed. On Gafumbegeti zone in Mabayi Commune of Cibitoke Province, five children of the same family (...)