' Attendees of the conference-debate on ending fistula organised by UNFPA

Ending obstetric fistula in Burundi hampered by ignorance

05-24-2017 Obstetric fistula is both preventable and curable. Ending it in Burundi is mainly hindered by ignorance. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) officials in Burundi say the public lacks basic knowledge about obstetric fistula. Many people don’t know how to prevent it. They are not even aware that it (...)
' UNHCR says Burundians continue to flee to neighboring countries

Burundi refugees to over half million by end 2017, UNHCR warns

05-24-2017 UN Refugee Agency is concerned about the unstable situation in Burundi which continues to drive people to flee to neighboring countries for their safety. “Arriving refugees continue to cite human rights abuses, fear of persecution and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) as reasons for fleeing”, says Babar Baloch, UNHCR (...)
' Jean Marie Ciza, the priest arrested in Gitega central province

Priest imprisoned following charge of raping minor, police say

05-18-2017 The police arrested Abbot Jean Marie Ciza, the principal private secretary of the Archbishop of Gitega in the afternoon of 16 May 2017. He was sent to Gitega Central Prison for raping a minor, police spokesman says. According to sources from Gitega central province, Jean Marie Ciza was arrested (...)
' padre copie

Priest dies two weeks after his release by kidnappers

05-11-2017 Worst fears of people who saw Abbot Adolphe Ntahondereye at his release by kidnappers over two weeks ago have sadly been confirmed. He died last night in Bujumbura “following inhumane treatment he had suffered and that aggravated his pre-existing health issues. His old age also contributed to his death”, (...)
' Leaders of women’ associations

Women claim to be sufficiently represented in dialogue process

05-10-2017 The Women’s Group requests the facilitator in the Burundi conflict to increase the number of women who will participate in the inter-Burundi dialogue process due to take place from 14 to at least 30 women. The Women’s Group, which brings together women’s organizations namely Women’s National Forum (FNF), Women’s (...)
' A hundred pigsties have been destroyed in southern Bujumbura

Complying with water code is must, Environment ministry says

05-09-2017 The local administration, in collaboration with the police, have destroyed a hundred pigsties along the bank of the Kanyosha River in the south of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. The Director General of Water and Sanitation say pig breeders have violated the Burundi water code. In the morning of May (...)
' For Brarudi: “Yes to beer, but not to be served to the underage!”

Study highlights parents’ role in alcohol drinking amongst underage students

05-08-2017 A study has found that 50 per cent of underage students drink alcoholic beverages mainly provided to them by their families. The majority of the children start drinking before the age of 10. SOJPAE, a local NGO that promotes children’s rights and well-being, carried out the study to assess (...)
' AnselmeKatiyunguruza: “all Burundians are called on to support SGBVvictims as such an ignoble practice is prevailing all over the country”

Red Cross Burundi demands adoption of law protecting its hallmark

05-08-2017 “We are aware that there are people who used the Red Cross emblem to commit crimes. Their vehicles were seized and the criminals arrested”, says Anselme Katiyunguruza, Secretary General of Red Cross in Burundi. He said that on the occasion of the International Red Cross on 8 May, in (...)
' Bicycle taxis ready to take over cars queuing at a dry fuel station

Bicycle-taxi drivers in Bujumbura city profit from fuel shortage

05-03-2017 Testimonies suggest bicycle-taxi drivers in Bujumbura city profit from the current fuel shortage that has rocked public transport services over the last two weeks. Drivers who are strong and willing to work hard report getting a daily income that relatively surpasses their earnings in normal times. “When public transport (...)
' Lavie Mwagalwa (in his cybercafé): “I had opted for a generator because there was no electricity. Now there is no fuel!”

Cause of fuel shortage: “No one will tell you the truth”

05-02-2017 It’s hard to know the real cause of the lack of fuel that has been paralysing daily activities of many Burundians over the last days. The cause of fuel shortage has become a mystery. Over the last week, Burundi government authorities were contradictory in their explanation for the cause. (...)