' Déo Guide Rurema: “Burundi like other countries in the East African region faces problems in the cotton sector”

Agriculture and Livestock Ministry to launch vaccination against sheep and goats plague soon

03-14-2018 “About 4000 goats have died following a sheep and goats plague that struck Burundi for the first time in December 2017,” Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, told journalists on Tuesday, 13 March 2018. Ha added that the National Veterinary Laboratory of Bujumbura as well as the (...)
' Kayanza women holding parade on the celebration of the International Women’s Day

Kayanza: Women’s rights not fully respected

03-09-2018 On the occasion of the International Women’s Day which was celebrated on 8 March in Kayanza, some women from that province deplore the fact that their husbands mistreat them. Some say they are physically abused while others accuse their husbands of having concubines. “Some women and I are suffering (...)
' "Fruit and vegetable  saleswomen in Bujumbura town".

Saleswomen requested to join associations

03-09-2018 While the world is celebrating the International Day for Women this Thursday 8 March 2018, Bujumbura saleswomen who do not have permanent places where they keep their goods say that they get no help from richer women who owns associations. Leaders of women’s associations ask them to join the (...)
' femme d iwacu

Happy women’s day to Iwacu women

03-08-2018 Dear colleagues We share this same passion: to inform.It is not always easy.Fortunately ,you are there, with your determination, your courage, this strength behind your smiles.Yes,you sometimes are a little bit “complicated”.We too,it is is true. But without you,Iwacu would not be what it is today.Know that we love (...)
' Isidore Ntirampeba: “Evening studies will not be suspended but improved”

Burundi: “Civil servants should not claim opportunities after evening degree courses”

03-08-2018 Following the correspondence addressed to the ministries of Education and Labor, the Office of the Second Deputy President urged them to identify civil servants who pursue or had completed the evening studies by 15 March. Isidore Ntirampeba, Spokesperson for the Second Deputy President’s Office says the government wants to (...)
' Jacques Nshimirimana: “Producers and journalists always focus on current news rather than challenges faced by children”

Children’s Broadcasting Day: « Children programs contribute to changing mindset”

03-07-2018 Jacques Nshimirimana, Chairman of the Federation of local organizations involved in the child rights-FENADED says children broadcasting programs have improved since 2010. “Producers and journalists are now involved in the production of children rights. They now grant sufficient space to children”, he says. He, however, says journalists are not (...)

Burundi: There is still long way to go in fighting against cancer

03-05-2018 While the World Cancer Day is normally celebrated on March 4th each year, Burundi celebrated it on Friday, March 2nd. Health professionals say they recognize the lack of prevention policies, specialists and material for cancer treatment. “There are no functioning cancer record books to monitor trends in cancer incidence, (...)
' Evicted people from Gasenyi locality have staged a sit-in in front of the ministry of environment

Gasenyi: Evicted families still claim compensation

03-02-2018 Former residents of Gasenyi locality, near the presidential palace under construction in Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura province still claim their compensation. This Thursday March 1st, they have staged a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Urban Territory. “We have come here for our land promises. (...)
' Street children in Bujumbura city

605 street children and 1250 returnees integrated, reveals FENADEB

03-01-2018 National Federation of Associations Defending Children’s Rights (FENADEB) in Burundi has revealed this February 28 that 605 street children and 1250 returnees have been integrated into families within three months since November 2017. Following the recommendations made in a meeting held in February 2017 between government officials, UNICEF representatives (...)
' Augustin Ngenzirabona: “The seasonal rainfall for the next three months will be normal throughout the country

IGEBU says MAM weather forecast will be good

02-23-2018 Burundi Geographical Institute – IGEBU indicates that the weather forecast for March-April-May (MAM) 2018 is promising. It says a large part of the country is likely to have, in general, normal precipitation that will be mainly characterized by the evolution of the global temperature of the sea surface. Augustin (...)
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