' Lake Tanganyika continues to be polluted

SETEMU, main source of pollution of Lake Tanganyika?

10-20-2017 Lake Tanganyika is currently being threatened because all wastes from factories and households are dumped directly at it without being treated. This was observed during a visit carried out in factories close to the place commonly known as “Ku mase” by the technical commission in charge of securing the (...)
' Mubone official dump in Butere

Around 10 associations to remove solid waste in Bujumbura

10-19-2017 The Mayor of Bujumbura released on 17 October a list of more than 10 associations and cooperatives that won the market to dispose of solid waste in two communes of Bujumbura capital. This measure is taken following the grumblings of Bujumbura inhabitants who said that the waste is no (...)
' Nkurikiye Odette: “I was confused about my family’s future before the World Bank’s project”

Batwa community from Bururi recognize their development thanks to World Bank project

10-19-2017 As the world celebrated the day dedicated to poverty eradication this October 17th, Batwa communities from Bururi commune acknowledge the World Bank’s project to protect environment which has given them job and joy to live. Batwa people used to live in extreme poverty, begging, and sometimes stealing which also (...)
' Students will leave schools at 13:55 p.m.

Secondary school teachers complain about new timetable

10-18-2017 The class course duration in the secondary schools has increased from 45 to 55 minutes. Teachers and students complain about the new decision. Courses start every morning at 7:30 and end at 13:55 p.m. instead of 13:00 p.m. as scheduled previously. Even if the ministerial ordinance has not been (...)
' Ministry of public health failed to use the available resources estimated at $30 million

Global Fund suspends direct subsidies to Health ministry

10-16-2017 Following flaws in the financial management and procurement observed in the ministry of public health, the Global Fund has just withdrawn the direct subsidies to the ministry and granted it to the United Nations Development Programs for supervision. Right groups say it is a loss for Burundi. In the (...)
' DSC_0029

Bujumbura City : Towards a war of waste?

10-16-2017 From SETEMU to BCCO through 18 companies, waste management in the Burundian capital has recently turned into a squabble. A domain in which speculation takes precedence over the search for solution. Iwacu comes back to this serial. (...)
' Esperance Ntirampeba: “We appeal to everyone to treat girl children well and invest in their education for the country’s development”

More than 413 girls forced into marriage in 2016

10-11-2017 Burundian girls still suffer the consequences of forced marriage especially when they are pregnant before adult age, say civil activists on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child. Following a study made by a local women’s NGO fighting against malaria and HIV/AIDS-SFBLSP from July to September (...)
' Marcel Ndoricimpa: “The society needs to understand people with mental health problems”

People with mental problems to be understood in Burundi

10-11-2017 While the world celebrates the Mental Health day on 11 October each year, people suffering from mental disorder and delay in mental development in Burundi are still discriminated. Either adults affected by mental disorders or kids that have a mental retardation still have problems in society because they are (...)
' Panellists during 5th Edition National Forum, 9 October 2017

Youth met to work out strategies to fight poverty and unemployment

10-09-2017 More than 300 young people have gathered in a national youth forum this Monday 9 October 2017 in Bujumbura. Organized by the youth-led organization YouthGlobe, the two-day conference brought together young people from different provinces to adopt strategies so as to combat poverty and unemployment. Testimonies from successful entrepreneurs, (...)
' Midende Gilbert “There is nothing hidden, whoever needs the contract can see it”.

Gakara Mining Project lacks transparency, say activists

10-06-2017 Rainbow Rare Earths has recently launched a mining project in Gakara commune in Bujumbura province. Different activists say there is opacity all around this mining project but Rainbow Burundi Mining (RBM) refutes the accusations. In a press conference held this 6 October 2017, Gilbert Midende, RBM Director, says nothing (...)