' Mugoboka

People living near Ntahangwa River are leaving their houses since the beginning of this rainy season

12-06-2016 Seven families in Mugoboka quarter; located in South Mutanga, another one in Kigobe quarter in GIHOSHA zone, all of them located in Bujumbura , have already left their homes due to the fear of being taken by Ntahangwa river. In fact, that river has damaged things, especially two streets, (...)
' Jeanne Gapiya: ANSS Legal Representative “AIDS activists are heavily involved in treating HIV positive people rather than preventing the disease”

HIV/AIDS seems neglected in Burundi

12-01-2016 Jeanne Gapiya, Legal Representative of Burundian National Association in Support of People Living with HIV/AIDS–ANSS, says Burundians seem to ignore the existence of HIV/AIDS. She says that while the world celebrates on December 1st of each year the day dedicated to HIV/AIDS. The Health Ministry states it is much (...)
' The woman after she was freed from the prison

Woman arbitrarily arrested over family conflict in Rumonge

11-30-2016 A woman complains that she has been unfairly jailed by an administrative official who abused his power to solve family conflict in Gitaza zone of the southern province of Rumonge. Gitaza zone chief, Sébastien Sinzotuma, has arbitrarily imprisoned a woman in Gitaza police holding cell due to a conflict (...)
' Cataract

Cataract patients to receive treatment free of charge

11-24-2016 Preoperative assessment of cataract patients to be operated by a team of specialised Chinese ophthalmologists has started this 23 November at Prince Régent Charles Hospital. The operations proper will be carried out in two stages. Thaddée Ndikumana, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health said 200 of the 334 (...)
' Jean Sévérin Ndayisenga, COPHIBU representative (left),  Islon Ninkingiye, IETV Chairperson (middle) and Joséphine Ntahobari, UNESCO representative (right)

COPHIBU and IETV groups call for tolerance among Burundians

11-17-2016 Burundi philosophers association (COPHIBU) and the Initiative for education on tolerance and non-violence –IETV have joined the world this Thursday 17 November in celebrating the day dedicated to tolerance and philosophy. They call for peaceful coexistence among Burundians. Islon Ninkingiye, Legal representative of the initiative for education on tolerance (...)
' Dr Levi

Diabetes: Third cause of Death in Burundi

11-15-2016 The world celebrates the Diabetes Day on 14 November each year. While four millions of people die yearly due to diabetes complications, 60% of them are amputated. According to the recent surveys conducted by the Public Health Ministry in 2016, the number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing (...)
' Zarir Mérat Hughes, Cordaid Country Director

New $5 million initiative to fight for civil rights

11-12-2016 The local organization Cordaid launched on 10 November a new initiative to fight for the rights of Burundians. The project, supported by the Netherlands, will run over a period of 5 years and has a budget of €4,800,000. The “Strategic Partnership for lobbying and advocacy for the consideration of (...)
' Burundi expects good results from COP22

Burundi expects good results from COP22

11-10-2016 Several African ministers in charge of water are taking part in the 22nd Conference of Parties-COP22 organized in Morocco (7-18 November). Water issues are at the top of the COP22 agenda. Burundi has submitted five projects to be supported. Eric Nkurunziza, activist in environment and lecturer of environment law (...)
' Pregnancies in schools

Alarming figures of pregnancies in schools

11-09-2016 The number of pregnant girls in schools increases year after year. According to a survey conducted by the ministry of public health last year, the figures rose from 877 in 2009 to 2424 in 2015. “The number of pregnant girls in schools continues to increase. Today, the provisional number (...)
' mukaza

Price increase of household notebooks in some areas of Bujumbura

11-08-2016 Each head of household, in Bujumbura the capital, must have a notebook where all people living in the household are registered for security reason. Earlier, the notebook cost BIF 2,000. However, today, some residents get it at a higher cost for signature and delay. “The household notebook previously cost (...)