' A traditional thatched house

Owning house before marriage is not obligation, Home Affairs Ministry says

02-21-2017 “Any young man who wants to marry must first have a house covered with sheet metals”, said Tharcisse Niyongabo, Governor of Bubanza western Province, on 18 February during a security meeting. He said that no application for marriage in the registry office in Bubanza province will be accepted unless (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema "people from provinces close to frontiers have to remain vigilant."

Burundi has taken measures to contain bird flu

02-21-2017 This Monday, 20 February 2017, Déo Guide Rurema, Burundi Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, has announced a number of measures taken to contain bird flu in the country. Among the measures that have been taken by the ministry of agriculture and livestock is the suspension of the movement of (...)
' The workshop orginised by the environment minister.

Prepare for short growing season, experts warn

02-18-2017 On 16 February 2017, Burundi environment ministry organised a workshop on how to mitigate the impact of the climate change. Theophile Ndarufatiye, the assistant to the environment minister, said climate change is a serious problem. “We are currently witnessing various climatic disturbances all over the world due mainly to (...)
' The British minister Joyce Anelay in SERUKA Centre.

UK Provides Burundi with £2 million

02-16-2017 This Thursday 16 February 2017, Joyce Anelay, the British Minister in charge of human rights has visited the Centre in charge of victims of sexual-based violence in Burundi- SERUKA. She announces that UK provides £2million to Burundi, that is, about BIF 5billion. “I am pleased to announce today extra (...)
' St Valentine’s Day, not celebrated in Bujumbura as usual

St Valentine’s Day, not celebrated in Bujumbura as usual

02-15-2017 Bujumbura inhabitants say that they did not celebrate St Valentine’s Day as they wished because of the high cost of living they are experiencing. “I believe in Valentine’s Day. My husband and I used to organize each year this festival dedicated to couples. After giving gifts to each other, (...)
' Irrigation: a great idea, but impossible for many farmers

Irrigation: a great idea, but impossible for many farmers

02-10-2017 The practice of irrigation to make up for insufficient rain fall as recently advised by the Minister of Agriculture and Farming is a great idea which nonetheless seems impracticable for farmers on steep land, according to farmers in the hills of Bujumbura province. Burundi is seriously struck by the (...)
' Gordien Nsengiyumva, father of 5 displays a corncob attacked by an earworm. ”I used to produce at least 2 tons of maize, but I am not sure I will even get 200 Kgs this season”.

Famine continues taking people’s lives in Bubanza, residents say

02-09-2017 Residents of some localities of Gihanga district claim people continue dying from famine. Humanitarian actors have not so far given sufficient help since the first cases of death were reported in January. As no adequate assistance has been provided, reports of hunger-caused deaths still emerge in Bubanza province that (...)
' Jean-Pierre Nshimirimana: “The main problem of epileptic people is that they are afraid of talking about it”.

Epileptic people discriminated in Burundi

02-08-2017 Epileptics are treated abominably and unfairly in the Burundian society. On the occasion of the International Epilepsy Day, the Ministry of Public Health says it organizes sensitization campaigns to break down the prejudices. They are described as bewitched and possessed by a demonic spirit as well as people with (...)
' Servilien Mpawenimana, CAMEBU Technical Manager "It is not all kinds of amoxicillin which are obsolete, but that one which bears lot 1409015 and lot 1409016".

Amoxicillin syrup of bad quality

02-08-2017 CAMEBU informed all Burundi health districts that the amoxicillin syrup 125, lot 1409015 and lot 1409016 must be taken back to CAMEBU’s office. On Tuesday 7 February, Servilien Mpawenimana, CAMEBU Technical Manager, said analyses have shown that it is a bad quality medicine. The purchasing centre of essential medicines (...)
' Pascal Barandagiye" As climate has changed, people have to change their mentality."

New measures to adapt to climate change in Burundi

02-03-2017 Burundi’s Home Affairs minister Pascal Barandagiye, on Thursday 2 February 2017, laid out new measures to adjust to climate change. “We were accustomed to the fact that the rainy season lasts for nine months each year, but now, it is no longer the case, which is why we have (...)