' Teenage girls at school

8% of adolescent girls fell pregnant in Burundi, reveals ISTEEBU report

01-19-2018 Eight percent of teenage girls fall pregnant early in the country, reveals the 3rd 2016-2017 Demographic and Health Survey conducted by Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISTEEBU). Ignorance about reproductive health is one of the main causes. Teenage pregnancy rate is high at 10% in urban areas, (...)
' Anne Casper and Rafael Foley inside of the American Corner Gitega

US Ambassador to Burundi visits American Corner Gitega

01-17-2018 Anne Casper paid a visit to Gitega American Corner on Tuesday, 16 January 2018. She was with Christopher Smith (Public Affairs Officer) and Rafael Foley (Acting Director of Department of State’s office of Central African Affairs). Speaking to the audience, Mr Foley emphasized the role played by the American (...)
' Gasenyi area where the government is building President’s office

Gasenyi evicted residents remind environment minister that they are leading miserable life

01-17-2018 Since their eviction in April 2017, former inhabitants of Gasenyi quarter have not yet been relocated. They have staged a sit in this 16 January 2018 in front of the office of the ministry of environment to remind the minister that they are still leading a perilous life. Gérard, (...)
' Kamenge residents coming to follow up their case at the ministry of environment

About 250 people claim compensations over lands taken by government in Kamenge

01-17-2018 After 17 years, residents of Mirango I and II and Gituro zone of Kamenge neighborhood in the northern part of Bujumbura Capital are still claiming compensations after they lost their lands in 1999. “We had fled the civil war and when we returned, we found that our lands were (...)
' Toilets of Nyakabiga Fundamental School destroyed after the banks of the Ntahangwa River burst

Ntahangwa River severely threatening Nyakabiga Fundamental School

01-17-2018 Since 15th January, school children of Nyakabiga Fundamental School, in the center of Bujumbura, do not attend classes. The Ntahangwa River threatens the school premises. In the morning of 16 January, six classes in primary school, i.e. from grade 1 to grade 6, and two kindergarten classes were closed. (...)
' It is strictly prohibited to slaughter goats

Gitega: Butchers concerned about prohibition of goats’ slaughter

01-16-2018 All butchers in Gitega, Kirundo and Mwaro provinces are desperately worried as all markets of small ruminants have been temporarily suspended since 1st January 2018 until the situation comes to normal. They have been closed following the detection of an epidemic disease that has already caused deaths of several (...)
' Marie Noella Mugarurinka: “The milk imported in Burundi is safe”

“Imported Picot milk not contaminated with salmonella” Arc-en-ciel pharmacist says

01-16-2018 Arc-En-Ciel pharmacy reassures its customers after powdered baby milk produced by French company Lactalis was said to be contaminated with salmonella. In pharmacies that Iwacu visited, Lactalis product mainly imported in Burundi known as Picot milk was removed from the shelves. Some pharmacists met on ground say they were (...)
' Students  during the break

Delay in getting teaching materials in post-basic schools to affect learning

01-11-2018 The basic education system is still faced with some challenges. Post-basic classes have not yet got teaching materials which are given per trimester. This may affect the whole year program and students’ learning in general. Kelly Kaze, a student in the second year post-basic school, fears that this delay (...)
' The heavy rain mixed with hailstone destroyed houses and fields

Torrential rain destroys seven houses and damages several crops in Cankuzo province

01-10-2018 The heavy rain, that poured down in the afternoon of this 8 January in the hills of Cankuzo and Muterero of Cankuzo Commune in Cankuzo Province, destroyed houses and hectares of crops of rice, maize, sweet potatoes, beans and bananas. The residents of the affected areas say that torrential (...)
' Burundian Asylum seekers’ camp in Kamanyola

UNHCR suspended assistance to over 2500 asylum seekers in Kamanyola

01-08-2018 The Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR has suspended its food assistance to more than 2500 asylum seekers from Burundi since Monday 1January 2018. It intends to stop water supply by the end of this month if they will not accept to be fingerprinted as it requires in (...)