' People lining up in queue at the beginning of the school year 2016-2017

The new School year starting with Post-Fundamental System

09-27-2016 On 26 September, all public schools including primary and secondary schools started the new school year 2016-2017 with the first candidates of the “Fundamental School” system. There are some innovations despite challenges. Queues of people were formed in front of the offices of secondary schools’ headmasters. Parents, pupils and (...)
' The School of Excellence starts with the 7thgrade alone

The School of Excellence starts with the 7thgrade alone

09-26-2016 Contrary to plan, the School of Excellence programme will open for 7th graders only. It will not open for the first year of the post-basic school starting with this new school year 2016-2017. The Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research gives two reasons for the decision: the (...)
' Patrick Hajayandi, “The purpose of the workshop was to provide an opportunity to young people think about the contribution they can make to promote peace in the great lakes region….”

Youth has power to transform Burundi, visiting students say

09-23-2016 Students of Hope Africa University and the Lake Tanganyika University of Bujumbura organized a peace workshop, Youth and Active Peace in Great Lakes Region, in Bujumbura, Burundi, from 21 to 22 September. Students from 20 universities in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo took part. “By constructive actions, the youth is (...)
' test

Parents request supervision plan for pupils sent out of school for a year

09-22-2016 To protect their children sent out of school for an entire school year from harm and distractions, parents ask the government to think of a way to keep those pupils in a school atmosphere. Amidst the worry of seeing the life and future of their children jeopardized, parents from (...)
' Cool water, free of charge for any passer-by

Cool water, free of charge for any passer-by

09-22-2016 At “Rutegama Downtown Jazz” hotel, on Avenue de l’Université (Bwiza side) is observed since the past few days, a queue of people, cups in hands, in front of a machine that gives water. Many of them are just bike-taxi users, children of the neighborhood; mechanics … Every passer-by is (...)
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Rotary Club Bujumbura-Ingoma Assists 350 Albinos with School kits

09-20-2016 This Monday, 19 September, Rotary Club Bujumbura-Ingoma granted assistance of 3480 copybooks and 550 pens to 350 pupils of the association “Albinos sans Frontières”. “Each one will receive ten copybooks”, said Dieudonné Gahungu, the chairman of Rotary Club Bujumbura-Ingoma. According to him, this activity aims at supporting the community (...)
' camebu

Expired pharmaceutical products burned in the open air

09-16-2016 At National Road 1, only 4 kilometers from Bugarama center, in the place commonly called ‘ Kumusenyi’ one sees a plume of smokes generated by the destruction of unused and expired pharmaceutical products, declared not to meet standard by the Burundi Central purchasing department of pharmaceutical products (CAMEBU). About (...)
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Election of Children leaders

09-16-2016 Thirty six children were elected at the national level to represent others in advocating children’s rights. Out of 15 candidates, two won the election. Hakizimana Cynthia, 15, an albino from Kanyosha Commune and Ndayisaba Isaac, 16, from Mubimbi commune, both from Bujumbura province will represent other children under 18 (...)
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School of Excellence Candidates under-informed about selection test

09-15-2016 Candidates for the School of Excellence in municipal Bujumbura Education Direction claim they didn’t know well who was eligible for the selection test. The Director says it was probably due to changes in the eligibility instructions. Some candidates for the school of excellence selection test did not have necessary (...)
' Ngagara

Parents question whether “schools of excellence” will yield better results

09-13-2016 The idea of “schools of excellence” is viewed with skepticism by parents who doubt the schools will yield better results. The Ministry of Education claims the outcome will be positive as learners will be in an environment conducive to quality learning. Parents are questioning whether the new “schools of (...)