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Shortage of some BRARUDI products in Bujumbura

Some drinks manufactured by Burundi brewery company (BRARUDI) are not available on the market. The store owners of BRARUDI products located in Nyakabiga zone in Bujumbura city have not distributed some drinks such as Amstel Royal, Amstel Beer 65cl as well as Amstel Bock for two weeks. These very products are not sold in most […] (...)

CNC accuses “some media” of broadcasting unbalanced information

Nestor Bankumukunzi, chairman of the national media regulator-CNC has recommended the media especially the private ones to work in compliance with the law and in the general interest of the nation and to be more professional. It was on Friday, May 17, in Bujumbura when presenting the report of the monitoring of the press organs […] (...)

Justice decision to seize properties of alleged coup plotters arouses controversy

Politicians’ opinions diverge on the decision made by Burundi Justice to seize properties of Burundians allegedly involved in the 2015 failed coup. In a statement jointly issued on Wednesday May 15, the Attorney General of the Republic and the President of the Supreme Court have decided to seize real estate of 42 Burundians accused of […] (...)

Mortality rate in Burundi fell, UNFPA reports reveal

“Burundi has made significant progress in gaining access to sexual and reproductive health,” said Richmond Tiemoko, UNFPA representative in Burundi when presenting the annual report on the situation of the world population on May 15. According to reports produced by UNFPA in six years, Burundi maternal mortality rate has dropped from 500 to 334 deaths […] (...)

Graduates of Dama high school in Rumonge claim diplomas

Former students of Dama high school in the southern Rumonge province who completed high school in 2017 staged a sit-in on May 14 in front of the school’s management office. They ask to be given their diplomas. They want to know the reasons that prevent them from getting their diplomas like other graduates. “This lack […] (...)

Three CNL members arrested in southern Rumonge

Three members of the National Congress for Liberty-CNL including the representative of this party in Bugarama Commune of Rumonge in the south of Burundi are detained in the custody of Rumonge National Intelligence Service. The CNL representative in Rumonge denounces political intolerance. Léonidas Nicintije was arrested on 11 May for wounding Fabrice Ndayikengurukiye, a member […] (...)

EU encourage dialogue with Burundi

On the occasion of the celebration of the Europe Day this 9 May, Wolfram Vetter, the EU Ambassador to Burundi has admitted that the relations between Burundi and the European Union have not been harmonious over the past three years. He argues that opportunities were not always seized in political terms. Mr Vetter wishes Burundi […] (...)

Internal and external opposition: Towards forming solid platform?

At least fifteen opposition political leaders from and outside Burundi met from 3 to 5 May in Kampala, the Ugandan capital, one of the participants in this conclave reveals. Two objectives were on the agenda: the evaluation of the political situation prevailing in Burundi after the holding of the 5th round of the inter-Burundian dialogue […] (...)

President Pierre Nkurunziza calls on officials to strengthen security

President Pierre Nkurunziza met on May 7 in Mutaho commune of Gitega province in central Burundi, the administration, security, defense and justice officials to assess the prevailing security situation in the country. Jean Claude Karerwa Ndenzako, spokesman for the president says” his boss is satisfied with the current security situation in general despite some cases […] (...)

AIDS orphans confronted with financial problems

On the occasion of the celebration of the World AIDS Orphans’ Day, Burundian AIDS orphans say they are faced with poverty. “My parents died of AIDS five years ago. My two little sisters and I live at our aunt’s house. She is poor and cannot afford school fees for us. I had to drop out […] (...)




National broadcast reporter imprisoned for three days

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