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Burundi: Closed schools’ representatives concerned about students’ future

The ministry of education has closed the fourth cycle (from 7th to 9th graders) of Fundamental teachings of at least thirty private schools operating in Burundi, among them “Lycée de l’avenir”, “Lycée technique Bukirasazi”, “Sunshine College”, “Lycée Technique de la Foi”, “Lycée de la Comibu de Nyabakiba”, “Lycée Jabe” …. The closed schools have got […] (...)

Burundi: Difficult to identify figures of disappeared people, says Human Rights Minister

While the World celebrates the day of Disappeared People on every 30 August, it is not easy to identity figures in Burundi despite their existence. Minister of Human Rights, however, comforts the families of victims. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs, says there are cases of missing people in Burundi and […] (...)

Burundi: New CENI members approved without consent of all MPs

The National Assembly has approved seven members of the new Independent National Electoral Commission-CENI, namely Philippe Nzobonariba (Hutu), Annonciate Niyonkuru (Tutsi), Jean Anastase Hicuburundi (Hutu), Hyacinthe Niyonzima (Hutu), Serges Ndayiragije (Tutsi), Pierre-Claver Kazihise (Hutu)-, Marguerite Kamana (Hutu). Two of them, Philippe Nzobonariba- spokesperson for Burundi government and Serges Ndayiragije- Minister of Communication and Media are […] (...)

Burundi: Politicians converge on respect of Arusha Agreement spirit after 18 years

Abel Gashatsi, chairman of Uprona party says the signing of the Arusha Agreement on 28 August 2000 has allowed the achievement of stability of peace and security for more than 15 years in Burundi. He also says, so far, the Arusha Agreement is still considered in the establishment of state institutions and always serves as […] (...)

Three Burundian journalists from local radio mistreated by police while reporting

Alain Majesté Barenga, Bella Gloria Kimana, Alain Niyomucamanza, three journalists from a local radio station “Radio Culture” and Armand Bigirumuremyi, their driver have been mistreated this morning of 27 August by the police agents. They were collecting information on the misunderstandings that occurred between the local residents and administration in Ngagara neighborhood, section 10, in […] (...)

Foreign Affairs Minister meets diplomatic corps to discuss current situation in Burundi

Ezéckiel Nibigira, Minister of Foreign Affairs has met the diplomatic corps and international organizations operating in Burundi, this 23 August. They have discussed the security and political situation prevailing in Burundi. Some of the points discussed included the implementation of the new Constitution vis-à-vis the 2020 elections, the process of the Inter-Burundian dialogue and the […] (...)

Burundi: Politicians’ opinions diverge on UN Security Council concerns over dialogue process

Léonce Ngendakumana, Deputy Chairman of Sahwanya FRODEBU party says the UN Security Council has always taken decisions and resolutions but their implementations have remained a challenge. “They always failed in their efforts to help Burundians overcome this lasting crisis”, he says. In the statement issued on 22 August, members of the UN Security Council reiterated […] (...)

Rumonge: Flood victims in “Mayengo” site deplore harsh living conditions

About 200 families, victims of floods that hit Muhuta and Bugarama communes of Rumonge southern province in February 2018, still ask for assistance. They say they do not have a shelter and plots to cultivate. Recently, they have been moved from “Cashi” to Mayengo site in Rumonge Commune. They say the situation will go from […] (...)

Burundi Government to attend 5th dialog session on condition

Térence Ntahiraja, Spokesperson for ministry of Home Affairs says Burundi government has never been opposed to dialogue. “Burundi government will attend the upcoming dialog session only if it is well organized,” he says adding that he believes it will be the last. On 14 august, Mr Ntahiraja had said the Inter-Burundian dialogue session is no […] (...)

Burundi: UN Special Envoy urges government to maintain inclusive dialogue

Addressing the UN Security Council on 9 August, Michel Kafando, UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Burundi says two major activities should be undertaken to find solutions to the current political issues. “Political parties should work together to create a new political environment which leads to consolidation of unity and peace”, he says. […] (...)
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