Diane Uwimana

Burundian Politicians disappointed with 20th Summit over Burundi Crisis

The 20th Summit of EAC Heads of State was finally held in Arusha-Tanzania on February 1 after its postponement for two times respectively on 30 November and 27 December 2018. Burundian politicians, however, diverge on the summit outcomes. Tatien Sibomana, spokesperson for the coalition of independent “Amizero y’Abarundi”, appreciates the report presented by the facilitator […] (...)

One month not enough to leave Buterere wastewater plant, residents say

One month not enough to leave Buterere wastewater plant, residents say The government has given one month to the people residing all around Buterere wastewater treatment plant in Ntahangwa urban commune to leave the locality. House owners denounce the decision. Ladislas Mugisha, a father of two, has been living in Buterere neighborhood in Ntahangwa commune […] (...)

IFAD to boost agricultural transformation

The Regional Director of East and Southern Africa at the International Fund for Agricultural Development visited, on 30 January, different projects financed by IFAD in Bubanza province. Beneficiaries appreciate the step made in rural transformation. Sara Mbago Bhunu, Regional Director of the East and Southern Africa at the International Fund for Agricultural Development -IFAD is […] (...)

Burundi/EU: About 3 million euros to protect children

The European Union releases an amount of 3, 6 million euros for the protection of Burundian children. The amount will be used in the project known as “Umwana mu muryango”. It will operate in four provinces namely Bujumbura city, Bujumbura province, Muyinga and Gitega provinces. Shann O’ Donnell, Country Director of the the International Rescue […] (...)

Trade Ministry suspends Brarudi decision to increase price of beverages

Jean Marie Niyokindi, Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism says the decision taken by the brewery company-Brarudi is temporarily suspended until there is consultation between competent authorities. “Burundi government is a shareholder in Brarudi and it hasn’t been consulted before the company took such a decision,” told the Minister to Isanganiro Journalists. He exhorts the […] (...)

Eight wounded in grenade attack in Buterere

At least eight people have been seriously wounded in a grenade attack by an unknown perpetrator in a bar commonly known as « Chez Egide Nduwayo » on 9th avenue in Buterere zone of Ntahangwa commune, in the north of the capital Bujumbura. “It was around 7:40 p.m. in the night of 27 January when […] (...)

Bujumbura: Muha bridge on the verge of collapsing

The bridge linking Mukaza commune to that of Muha in the Burundian capital at National Road 3 is about to collapse. The situation was worsened by the heavy rain that fell on 18 January. The installations of the company in charge of supplying water and electricity are not protected. Nothing protects the bridge from collapsing […] (...)

Malaria cases increase in Burundi

Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Public Health reports that the number of malaria cases has significantly increased these days even if it hasn’t reached yet the level of an epidemic. “The number of malaria cases increase in January, February and March in the Sub-Saharan region due to the climate changes,” he says. The Health Minister singles […] (...)

Burundi to set up two scanners at borders with DRC

Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Public Health says his ministry has ordered two scanners to facilitate the control of the free movement of people using Gatumba border and Bujumbura International Airport. “There are many people who pass through Gatumba border and need to be thoroughly controlled,” he says. He also says his ministry plans to create […] (...)

Gihanga: About fifteen cows died out of more than seventy distributed

Local farmers from Gihanga commune in Bubanza province received cows as part of a program involved in the fight against hunger. However, they die one after the other due to unknown diseases. Beneficiaries are worried. The provincial official in charge of breeding reassures. Some of the local farmers are disillusioned with the situation. They wonder […] (...)
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