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Burundi President dead due to heart attack

Prosper Ntahorwamiye, Spokesman for the Burundian government says President Pierre Nkurunziza died at “Natwe Turashoboye” Hospital in Karusi Province in the afternoon of June 8.

President Pierre Nkurunziza

In a statement issued this June 9, Prosper Ntahorwamiye says President Nkurunziza felt discomfort in the night of June 6 and quickly went to the hospital for treatment.

“Since June 7, his health improved and he spoke with the people who were near him. Surprisingly, in the afternoon of June 8, his health condition suddenly changed due to a heart attack,” reads the statement.

The Burundian government urges the people to remain serene. “The government grants seven days of mourning starting from June 9,” he says.

Pierre Nkurunziza was the President of Burundi since 2005.

Evariste Ndayishimiye was elected to succeed him in the general elections held on May 20.