US Embassy to strengthen partnership with University of Burundi

The US Ambassador to Burundi visited the University of Burundi on 5 December. The aim of the visit was to strengthen partnership with this university.

The US Ambassador and the Rector of the University of
Burundi in a face- to-face meeting

“The US Embassy has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Burundi which is limited to English learning,” said Eunic Sharom Reddick, US Ambassador to Burundi.

In her meeting with François Havyarimana, the rector of the University of Burundi, they talked about the modalities of expanding their partnerships. “We discussed how we can add other fields in our collaboration,” she says.

The US Ambassador also visited the Language Teaching Center in Burundi (CELAB), the English department and the Central Library of the University of Burundi. She took the opportunity to award certificates to some members of the university staff who attended the training on online research techniques provided by an American consultant.