Gatumba: Ninth-grade students to do national exam despite enormous challenges

Students from the ninth grade in Basic School of Gatumba area, recently flooded by Rusizi River, in Bujumbura province are preparing to sit for the national exam scheduled from 9 to 11 June. Solange Nelly Niyonkuru, a student at “Mushasha I” Basic School in Gatumba locality says she lost all of her books and copybooks.

students from “Mushasha I” Basic School

“It is not easy to revise courses as my copybooks were damaged,” she says. As for Jérémie Nduwayo, a student at “Mushasha II” Basic School in Gatumba locality, their classes were flooded when they had already finished the programs. “We are trying to help each other. We ignore what will happen but are ready to sit for the national exam,” he says.

Augustin Nijimbere, a teacher at “Mushasha II” Basic School says he is optimistic. “Our students are ready to do the national exam even though they faced several challenges,” he says. He adds that their copybooks and books were damaged. “We do our best to help them revise all the programs,” he says. Since Gatumba locality is flooded, local residents live in displaced sites. Kigaramango site located in Gatumba area shelters about 67000 people including students.

On May 23, Janvière Ndirahisha, the Minister of Education announced that more than 94,000 pupils are expected to sit for the national exam scheduled from 9 to 11 June in 949 exam centers. Among the candidates, there are 20 students living with disabilities. The national exam is composed of mathematics, language I made of French and Kirundi, language II made of English and Kiswahili, science and technology, human sciences and entrepreneurship.