Pupil died in northern Bujumbura due to teacher’s beatings

A pupil of Carama Basic School in Kinama urban area in the north of Burundi died on October 28. Sources indicate that her death was caused by brutal beatings she received from her teacher. Defenders of the children’s rights condemn corporal punishment in school.

The pupil who died after being beaten by her teacher

Chadia Nishimwe, a 13-year-old girl died around 11 am on October 28. She had been seriously beaten by her teacher Rody Nitereka at school. Some sources say that the victim was suffering from epilepsy, but her family denies those rumors.

The headmaster of Carama Basic School was arrested for investigative reasons. He is accused of having helped the alleged perpetrator of this crime, the teacher of the victim, to escape.

David Ninganza, spokesperson for the organization advocating children’s rights [SOGEPAE] condemns this act of violence. “This proves that teachers have lost the values of an educator,” he says adding that “corporal punishment in school” is strictly prohibited.

Jacques Nshimirimana, a commissioner in charge of the promotion of children’s rights within the Independent National Commission for Human Rights, says the commission is closely following the case “We have asked the police and prosecutor’s office to investigate the cause of the death of this pupil. If the investigation results reveal that she died because of the beatings inflicted by her teacher, the latter will be punished according to the law.” Nshimirimana says. He indicates that corporal punishment is prohibited by the ministerial order of 17 July 2017. He calls on the teachers to advise pupils once they make something wrong or to summon their parents.