Burundian girls encounter serious obstacles to complete studies

«Burundian girls face a major challenge. They do not complete their studies and consequently they do not achieve effective development, “said Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs on the occasion of the World Girl Day celebrated on 9 October.

Girls doing a national test

In the same vein, Claudette Niyonzima, Legal Representative of the association defending girls’ rights APFB says that girls face many problems preventing them from completing their studies.

She indicates that girls from low-income families are forced to miss school during the period of menstruation because they cannot afford the money to buy sanitary towels. She also talks about cases of unwanted pregnancy in schools. “Some are raped while others are made pregnant by people who promise them money,” says Niyonzima, adding that Burundian culture is also an obstacle to the promotion of girls’ rights. “According to the Burundian culture, the girl should depend on her husband. This education does not encourage girls to become independent and autonomous, “says Niyonzima

Minister Nivyabandi claims that girls and boys are treated equally in the family saying that they receive the same education and that their rights are fully protected.
“This allows a girl to realize her lifelong dreams and will be able to participate in the development of the country,” he says. He calls on girls to get involved in the development activities in order to become autonomous women.