2020 Elections: Students not allowed to change voting places

Pierre Claver Kazihise, chairman of the National Independent electoral commission (CENI) has just announced that students who changed their schools are not allowed to vote.

“We called on them to register again but they didn’t”, says Kazihise adding that people allowed to change their voting places are soldiers, police officers, journalists and members of voting centers.
He also says the police and army officers must show a certificate provided by their senior chiefs.

Mr. Kazihise says there are three categories of voters that should give their proxy so that other people can vote in their place.
They include women giving birth, people who cannot vote for professional reasons and people living with disabilities.

“The people voting in their place must present the identity card, voting card of and a proxy signed by the original voter and the evidence proving that the person is not available to cast a vote,” says Kazihise.

More than 5,126,351 Burundians were expect to cast their vote for the general elections set this May 20 but over 12,000 Burundians living overseas couldn’t vote “due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is sweeping the world.”