Five CNL members arrested in western Bujumbura province

Three members of the opposition CNL party, including a candidate for the election of communal councilors and two political observers were arrested in the evening of 18 May in Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura province in the west of Burundi. They are currently detained in a cell of Rubirizi area. Local sources indicate that they are accused of possessing weapons illegally.

CNL members attending a political meeting in Kanyosha

Elie Ngomirakiza, CNL communal representative deplores the fact that these three people were arrested for political reasons. He rejects these accusations against the three members of CNL party and calls for their release.

He adds that members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD youth wing who were conducting overnight patrols arrested two other CNL members in Gatumba area of the same commune.

“We are gripped by fear following the arbitrary arrests against CNL members. We have also learnt that the police issued many arrest warrants against CNL members. We are waiting for the municipal police commissioner to decide since we asked him to cancel them,” says Ngomirakiza.

The municipal police commissioner confirms this arrest. He indicates the three detainees were brought to justice. “The case is in the hands of the prosecutor,” says the police commissioner in Mutimbuzi commune.