“Elections marred by irregularities”

At least 17 CNL party members have been arrested by the police in Rumonge Province around 11:30 a.m.
Nine were arrested in Gatobo locality in Burambi Commune, four downtown Rumonge including a CNL leader in that locality while others were arrested in Mutambara locality.

Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security

According to Obède Ntakiyiruta, the CNL party leader in Rumonge Province, they have been arrested because they were denouncing some irregularities.
He also says 40% of CNL party observers were kicked out of the voting stations.

Among other irregularities observed on the ground include proxy theft and lack of voting booth.

“Some voters have voted in the presence of someone,” says Ntakiyiruta.

In Cibitoke western Province, voting cards were distributed to children under 18.

At Lycée COMIBU in Cibitoke Province, it’s the youths affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD party that distributed those cards. They were arrested but were later on released.

Police pursue the journalist of Radio Isanganiro
At a press conference held on 20 May at around 4 p.m., the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security has said the security situation was generally good throughout the country and
that Burundian citizens participated massively in the elections.

“The elections went smoothly, without disruption,” said Pierre Nkurikiye, He also said some irregularities were reported.

He cited namely two representatives of the opposition party National Congress for Liberty (CNL) who arrived late at the polling station in Gatumba area in Mutimbuzi Commune of Bujumbura Province.
According to Mr Nkurikiye, they arrived at 8 a.m. while voting started at 6 a.m.

“When they arrived, they disrupted activities by requiring voters who had finished voting to resume voting,” said the police spokesperson.
He specifies that the two CNL members were later on arrested.

He also reports people in two cars who tried to disrupt elections in Muyira area in Kanyosha Commune of Bujumbura Province.
“A car was intercepted while another car which was driven by Evariste Nzikobanyanka, a journalist of Radio Isanganiro escaped,” said Nkurikiye adding that the police discovered a
rifle in this intercepted car.
“The police continue to search for this reporter and the car he was driving,” he said.

The Public Security Ministry spokesman also said at least 10 CNL party members were
arrested in Rutana, Rumonge, Muyinga, Muramvya and Muyinga provinces.

They are generally accused of wanting to rig the elections by using forged accreditations for
political proxies and influencing voters.