OLUCOME concerned over corruption reported in transfer process within Health Ministry

06-26-2020 Gabriel Rufyiri, Chairman of the corruption watchdog-OLUCOME says different transfers are being operated in different hospitals, health districts and other services of the Ministry of Public Health throughout the country these days marking the end of the 2015-2020 term. He says a few transfers are reported in Ngozi hospital, (...)

COVID-19: Burundi records 11 new cases

06-12-2020 In a statement issued on June 10, the Ministry of Public Heath reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 which raises the total positive cases to 94. The Rapid Response Team established by the Ministry of Public Health has conducted the screening of 85 people including 37 actives cases under (...)

COVID-19: Burundi artists to anticipate market measures

06-12-2020 Adalbert Hazikimana, Executive Officer in the Sectorial Chamber of Arts and Crafts -SHASAA- says the outbreak of COVID-19 in Burundi has affected the artistic sector. “Tourists were our main customers as they could easily find our products in different hotels,” says Hakizimana. He says there is a big loss (...)

“Artemisia to boost people’s immunity”

06-10-2020 Gynette Karirekinyana, Chief Executive Officer of International Cooperation Ethics Advisory Agency-ACECI says the experience from other countries using Artemisia to cure COVID-19 would inspire Burundians. “We are lucky to already grow Artemisia in Burundi. Experience from other countries should inspire us,” says Karirekinyana, at a news conference held this (...)

COVID-19: OLUCOME concerned over contempt for preventive measures

06-03-2020 Gabriel Rufyiri, OLUCOME Chairman says his organization is concerned over the lack of respect for the preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic in Burundi. Rufyiri wonders whether or not the pandemic is no longer a concern for Burundi. “Some Burundians don’t respect the preventive measures when the pandemic doesn’t (...)

HIV AIDS: drug users more at risk

05-13-2020 10.2% is the seroprevalence rate among drug users, especially injectables, in the town hall of Bujumbura. The latter are the second most vulnerable to HIV AIDS in BuOne syringe for every 10 injecting drug users or needles collected from the trash. This is a reality experienced by many young (...)

COVID-19: USA to give $ one million to protect vulnerable Burundians

05-07-2020 In a telephone press briefing on COVID-19 in Africa and the USA response this May 6, Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy, Assistant Secretary in charge of African Affairs’ Bureau has said the USA expects to give more than $ 1 million in migration and refugee humanitarian assistance which will help (...)

Burundi confirms new COVID-19 case

04-24-2020 The Ministry of Health has confirmed a new coronavirus case which raises the number of infection to 12. In a statement released on 24 April, Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health said the new COVID-19 patient is a trainee nurse working at Prince Louis Rwagasore Hospital that houses COVID-19 patients. (...)

Burundi-COVID-19: Five new people tested positive while four patients discharged from hospital

04-22-2020 “The test carried out on 198 people who have been in contact with 6 patients tested positive for COVID-19 and another suspected case revealed five new cases of COVID-19,” announced Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health at a press conference held on 21 April. He added that 4 out of (...)

Passengers to wash hands before climbing on motorcycles, AMOTABU requires

04-15-2020 “All motorcyclists working as taxi drivers must now carry a can filled with water and soap to allow customers to wash their hands before getting on the motorcycle,” ordered Arthémon Ndayegamiye, legal representative of the Association of Motorcycle Taxi Drivers of Burundi at a press conference held on 14 (...)