Passengers to wash hands before climbing on motorcycles, AMOTABU requires

“All motorcyclists working as taxi drivers must now carry a can filled with water and soap to allow customers to wash their hands before getting on the motorcycle,” ordered Arthémon Ndayegamiye, legal representative of the Association of Motorcycle Taxi Drivers of Burundi at a press conference held on 14 April.

A motorcycle carries a can filled with water and soap

This measure is taken to fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. “The Ministry of Health requires us to wash our hands regularly to combat this pandemic, we must all observe this measure,” says Ndayegamiye. He calls on all motorcycle users operating on Burundi territory to implement this measure immediately.

“By applying this measure, motorcyclists will protect themselves and their customers,” says Ndayegamiye. He asked the traffic police officers to grant customers permission not to wear helmets to reduce contamination. He believes the fact that customers share a helmet considerably increases the risk of contamination from this disease.

Burundi has so far recorded five cases and one death of coronavirus. The government of Burundi has taken preventive measures namely the closing of borders with neighboring countries and the airport. Burundians, however, continue to go about their daily activities normally.