Health Ministry reports over 100 cases of cholera within two months

Cholera disease has been reported in Bujumbura City and Cibitoke western province since last June. The Ministry of Health says measures have been taken to prevent the spread of this disease.

Cholera patients hospitalized at Prince Regent Charles Hospital in Bujumbura

“113 cases of cholera were recorded from June 5 to July 9, 2019 in Bujumbura city and in Cibitoke province in the north-west of Burundi,” says Bosco Girukwishaka, spokesman for the Ministry of Health. He indicates that 61 cases were registered in Bujumbura city and 52 others in Cibitoke health district.

According to Girukwishaka, Buyenza zone is the most affected with 25 cases of cholera, while Buganda commune of Cibitoke province has 32 cases and Rugombo 17 cases. “42 patients from Bujumbura city have been cured while 19 others are still hospitalized;” he says adding that “32 patients out of 52 registered in Cibitoke province have been treated”. Mr Girukwishaka says no patient has died of cholera so far.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health believes that the spread of this disease is mainly caused by the shortage of drinking water reported in some areas of Bujumbura city as well as in Cibitoke province. Drinking water shortage has been reported in Cibitoke since March 2019. People say they consume water from the river.

“Piles of rubbish thrown in the neighborhoods of Bujumbura city as well as sewage flowing into houses and public places constitute a threat to human life,” Girukwishaka says.

He says that the Ministry of Health in collaboration with local authorities and officials responsible for the supply of drinking water decided to make the latter available to all citizens. “We have already opened public taps in some municipalities,” says Girukwishaka adding that the administration was urged to remove all rubbish in public places.