Government accuses Interbank Burundi of conducting illegal transactions

At a court hearing in Mukaza high court on July 10th, the lawyer of the Burundi government has accused Interbank of conducting illegal and clandestine transactions of foreign currency from Burundi to DRC.

Interbank Burundi is accused of conducting illegal and clandestine transactions of foreign currency from Burundi to DRC.

The case was taken to court after two DRC citizens were caught with $ 1.5 million at Gatumba border post on their way to the DRC. Questioned, these two people said they had withdrawn that money from Interbank Burundi. The government of Burundi therefore decided to sue that bank to court accusing it of conducting illegal transactions.

The lawyers of Interbank deny the accusations saying that Interbank Burundi has partnership with other banks outside of Burundi and that carrying out transactions between two partner banks is normal.

After the hearing, the lawyer of the government has asked that Interbank give BIF 50 billion as an indemnity for the government and BIF 44 billion as a fine for violating the national bank law.
The Mukaza high court has said the verdict will be communicated after two days.

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