Cibitoke population faces shortage of clean water crisis

Shortage of safe drinking water in Cibitoke province has been observed in many communes of this western province since early March 2019. They call on the Burundian company in charge of supplying water and electricity- REGIDESO to handle the issue before they catch diseases caused by the lack of clean water.

Water shortage has become a big concern in Cibitoke province

Anne Nahimana says water shortage has become a big concern in Cibitoke province. “We have to fetch dirty water from the river which we use to cook. And sometimes we are obliged to drink it because we have no other choice,” she says adding that she fears that her children will catch diseases caused by dirty water.

Hélène Ntakironde says even patients at the hospitals suffer the lack of clean water. “There is no water and this also affects hospitalized people. There is an urgent need to provide clean water,” she says.

Pascal, met in Cibitoke province, says they are living in a critical situation because they are obliged to buy water at exorbitant prices. “Bicycle riders go to fetch water in remote areas and we pay BIF 500 per jerry can. This means that a family can spend BIF 5000 per day for water,” he says adding that clean water is not affordable for ordinary citizens.

He calls on REGIDESO to urgently fix the problem before it’s too late as the population may catch cholera or other waterborne diseases.

REGIDESO agents in Cibitoke province say the company is doing its best to supply clean water again. This shortage of water is reported after a torrential rain destroyed a pipe that carries water in Cibitoke province.