ICRC proposes master plan to develop drinking water supply by 2030

02-19-2020 The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has given this 18 February a master plan for developing drinking water supply in Bujumbura until 2030 to the Burundian company that distributes water and electricity (REGIDESO). This project will cost nearly $ 88 million. This plan aims to define a (...)

Coronavirus: China reassures Burundian students

02-18-2020 At a press conference held this February 17, Li Changlin, Chinese Ambassador to Burundi has recommended Burundian students in China who are on holidays in their country to limit their outings and avoid participating in rallies. “They must remember to do a temperature test twice a day for 14 (...)

Two year-old Junior in prison in place of his dad

02-17-2020 The imprisonment of Junior Nganjiyimana and his mother Aline Ndikumana has provoked uproar since the past few days. Their friends and relatives say the two were imprisoned in place of Théogene Ndikumana, the head of the family, after a search in which weapons were found. The family denounces a (...)

Some Burundian radio journalists forced to work as volunteers

02-14-2020 “I have just worked for more than 5 years without being paid. I preferred to work as a volunteer to avoid staying idle,” says a young journalist working for a community radio station operating in Gitega province in central Burundi on the occasion of the celebration of the World (...)

Bujumbura residents concerned about rotting garbage inside households

02-13-2020 Residents of the northern neighborhoods of the economic capital Bujumbura express their worries over rubbish accumulated in their households and in public places. They say the companies in charge of removing them from households have not worked for three weeks. In COTEBU market located in Ngagara area in the (...)

No migratory locusts’ invasion in Burundi, Ministry of Agriculture reassures

02-11-2020 A video showing swarms of locusts lying on trees has been aired on social media. The video producers made people believe that migratory locusts that are destroying crops in some East African countries namely Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia appeared in Gakungwe area in Kabezi commune of Bujumbura province (...)

Little interest in foreign currency trade in Bujumbura city

02-07-2020 Some foreign currency dealers have temporarily suspended their daily activities in Bujumbura city. H.M, one of the exchange dealers says the demand of foreign currency is very low these days. “Our clients only look for BIF,” he says. Diomède Nduwayo, another dealer says the cost of the dollar has (...)

Tax fraud is punishable offence, warns Burundian Revenue Authority

02-07-2020 “The Burundian Revenue Authority-OBR discovered taxpayers who deliberately misrepresent their monthly rental income in order to lower rental taxes. They will be punished according to the law,” has said Stany Ngendakumana, spokesman for OBR in a meeting held this 6 February with the Bujumbura city administrative authorities. He has (...)

Forty women to be screened for cervical cancer

02-07-2020 Jean Marie Harimenshi, Managing Director of Bujumbura Pathology Center-BUJAPATH, a center specialized in the screening and diagnosis of cancer in Burundi, says cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women in Burundi. “It is a disease that kills women silently. They do not have the courage to (...)

Cancer spread rapidly in Burundi, specialists warn

02-05-2020 “Cancer is spreading dramatically in Burundi as in the world. There are many cases of cancer, “said, Jean Marie Harimenshi, Director of Bujumbura Pathology Center which diagnoses cancer on the occasion of the World Cancer Day celebrated every 4 February. He regrets that the majority of cases are diagnosed (...)