ABUCO against decision by Muyinga province governor

The Burundian Association of Consumers-ABUCO says the decision by the Governor of Muyinga province to suspend the transportation of beans to other provinces violates the free movement of people and things.

Pierre Nduwayo asks Muyinga province governor to review her decision
suspending the transportation of beans to other provinces

“The decision is opposed to the free movement of people and goods as one of the advantages offered by the East African Community of which Burundi is a member,” says Pierre Nduwayo, Chairman of ABUCO.
As different provinces of the country grow different crops, there should be free exchange of foodstuffs, he says.

Mr. Nduwayo says the Governor should have taken a different decision such as telling people how much harvest they should keep and let them sell the rest so as to satisfy some of their basic needs.
He asks the governor to review the decision.

In a letter addressed to all communal administrators, Aline Manirabarusha, Governor of Muyinga province said “the transportation of beans from our province to elsewhere is temporarily suspended.”
For her, the decision was taken to protect the harvest of beans in that province.

Mrs. Manirabarusha says some traders take advantage of the harvest period to buy food products at lower prices and later on sell them at higher prices. “Our province often experiences climate change which leads to food insecurity in families,” she also says.

It is not the first time that the transportation of food products from one province to another one or from Burundi to other countries is banned. In 2016, the province of Kirundo also banned the exportation of beans and rice to prevent famine in the province.

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