CMCK: Sixty cases to be treated by otolaryngology and vascular surgery experts

Pascal Barahandwa, medical director of care at Kinindo Medico-Surgical Center -CMCK says the center is organizing an eight-day medical camp in otolaryngology- O.R.L and vascular surgery.

A child being treated by a specialist in otolaryngology and vascular surgery at CMCK

“We want to provide care to patients suffering from diseases that are not operable by permanent Burundian doctors,” he says adding that the medical camp will improve services and health of the population. He says patients who suffer from congenital malformation and other tumors will be treated.

During the surgical operation scheduled from 4 to 11 January, 60 cases will be treated including 40 patients who will be treated by otolaryngologists and 20 by vascular surgery doctors. “Some Burundians no longer look for outside expertise and the treatment fees have been reduced to 80% comparing to those required abroad,” he says.

In January 2019, about thirty patients were treated by specialists in otolaryngology and 14 patients by plastic surgery specialists. “All of them had a good evolution as they received a short and long term follow-up,” says Dr. Barahandwa adding that there was no failure. The specialists in surgery are from Spain thanks to Claros Foundation.