Diane Uwimana

Politicians for peaceful conflict resolution during 2020 elections

While the world celebrates the Conflict Resolution Day on October 18, Burundian politicians converge on finding solutions together for any conflict for a smooth running of the 2020 elections. Térence Manirambona, Spokesman for CNL party appreciates the current political situation prevailing in the country. For him, the conflict is not a problem but the way […] (...)

Code of conduct presented by CNC raises concerns among media professionals

The National Media Regulatory-CNC this Wednesday presented a code of conduct to the Burundian media for the 2020 elections. Some media professionals say they were not consulted during its preparation. “Every media organization operating in Burundi must comply with this code of conduct for the 2020 electoral process,” says Nestor Bankumukunzi, Chairman of the National […] (...)

Burundi government committed to revitalizing coffee sector

Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has said experts from the government and the World Bank have conducted an audit and discovered that stakeholders in the coffee sector didn’t work in transparency. “There were serious problems related to the good management and repatriation of foreign currencies to the Burundi Central Bank”, he […] (...)

Around 10% of Burundians have access to Internet

Donatien Manirampa, Director General of the Agency for Regulatory and Control of Telecommunications in Burundi-ARCT says about 53% of Burundians are in possession of cell phones, but only around 10% of them have access to internet. “The internet penetration rate remains low due to the telecommunication antennas installed in urban areas,” he says adding that […] (...)

Burundians with mental health problems claim access to medicines

On the occasion of the celebration of the World Mental health Day this October 10th, Burundian patients with mental problems say they don’t get medicines. “The treatment of patients with mental problems is very expensive whereas many of us are from impoverished families,” says one of the patients met at the Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center-CNPK. The […] (...)

People with disabilities plead for inclusion

While the World celebrates the International Day of Disability on every October 9th, Burundians living with disabilities still face some challenges like access to information, transport, buildings, health care… Adélaide Nyigina, Chairperson for the Union of people living with disabilities in Burundi-UPHB has said the rights for people living with disabilities are not respected in […] (...)

Several factors impel Burundians to commit suicide

Jean Baptiste Nzorironkankuze, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Health has said several factors are related to committing suicide in Burundi. They include mental disorders, psychoactive substances, chronic illnesses, loss of work, or financial loss, relational or social loss, lack of social support and feelings of isolation, unemployment… According to a Health Survey conducted […] (...)

Trade ministry concerned over poor quality of Brarudi beverages

At a press briefing held this October 4, Jean Marie Niyokindi, Minister of Trade has said it has been revealed that some Brarudi products are of poor quality. “Amstel, Primus, Royal and soft drinks have lost their original tastes,” said Mr. Niyokindi. He has said a team of his ministry has carried out an inspection […] (...)

No complaint received about Rugerinyange disappearance, say Police

Jean Marie Rugerinyange, Senior official in the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been missing since September 30th. According to his relatives, he was last seen at his home located Kinanira IV neighborhood in Muha urban commune, in the south of Bujumbura City in the night of September 30th. Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesperson for the Ministry […] (...)

Local NGO pleads for no alcohol to under 18

While the World celebrates the Alcohol Free Day on each October 2nd, Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance urges the government to establish a law governing alcohol consumption as it is a reality among young people in the country. Séraphine Manirambona, Chairperson for Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance-BAPA says it has been proved that drinking to excess among […] (...)