Four CNL party members arrested in Kiremba

Benjamin Girukwishaka, CNL party leader in Kiremba commune of Ngozi province says police officers operating in the locality arrested Serges Nzambimana, Cédric Kadafi, Thomas and Désiré Nizigama from Buhama locality in Musasu area of Kiremba commune.

Four CNL pary members arrested in Masasu area in Kiremba commune

“They surrounded their houses in the early morning of January 2. We tried to inform Kiremba administrative official and he told us that he is aware of the issue,” he says adding that they are detained in Gakere area dungeon.

He also says that the judicial police officer hasn’t yet listened to them. Girukwishaka says they are accused of undermining the national security by mistreating people who pass through a barrier they have erected and by killing people. “This is a serious accusation”, he says.

CNL party leader calls on the administrative officials to organize different meetings with leaders of political parties to share views and teach how to live together in good coexistence. “We have never met to discuss the prevailing situation”, he says. Iwacu has tried to contact the administrator of Kiremba commune in vain.