Iwacu journalists sentenced to two years and six months in prison

02-02-2020 On Thursday 30 January, the long-awaited verdict for Agnès, Christine, Egide, Térence and their driver Adolphe, was rendered. These four media professionals were sentenced to two years and 6 months in prison. Following a public hearing held in Bubanza High Court, only Adolphe, the driver who had been provisionally (...)

CMCK: Sixty cases to be treated by otolaryngology and vascular surgery experts

01-07-2020 Pascal Barahandwa, medical director of care at Kinindo Medico-Surgical Center -CMCK says the center is organizing an eight-day medical camp in otolaryngology- O.R.L and vascular surgery. “We want to provide care to patients suffering from diseases that are not operable by permanent Burundian doctors,” he says adding that the (...)

Parents of victim of torture arrested

10-11-2019 Police officers have arrested in the night of October 9th, the parents of Yvette Iradukunda, a girl beaten on September 22nd by the administrator of Mugongomaga commune of Bujumbura province. The incident took place at Ijenda area. Sources of Rusaka commune in Mwaro province, the native commune of the (...)

Unvaccinated children to be vaccinated during week dedicated to Mother and Child Health

06-27-2019 About 800,000 pregnant and lactating women, 2 million children under 5 and 5 million boys and girls under the age of 15 will be concerned by the week dedicated to Mother and Child Health launched on June 25 in Nyabikere commune of Karuzi province by the Ministry of Health (...)

Cases of school dropout alarming among Muslims girls

12-19-2018 In a study conducted by the Alliance of Imams of the Northern Corridor for Humanitarian Development-AICNDH, Muslim girls are reported to drop out of school. Amina Léonie Baramfataniye, is a member of AICNDH and one among those who facilitated the inquiry in three provinces where there are more Muslim (...)

FENADEB concerned over future of children whose mother was killed by spouse

12-07-2018 The federation of associations engaged in the defense of child rights-FENADED is concerned about the future of children whose mother was killed by her spouse, a police officer while his role is to protect people. “FENADED condemns this heinous crime that took away a life of an innocent person (...)

Health ministry to launch vaccination campaign against meningococcal meningitis in December

11-09-2018 “The Ministry of Health plans to launch the vaccination campaign against meningococcal meningitis strain A from 3 to 14 December throughout the country,” said Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health in a press conference held on November 8. The last vaccination against this disease took place in 1992 and its (...)

Three people killed in Cibitoke province

10-09-2018 At least three people were reportedly killed in an attack perpetrated on “Camakombe” hill in Mugina Commune of Cibitoke western province. “A mother and her child were shot dead when armed people attacked her household at around 3:25 a.m. on October 8”, says a neighbor of the victim. He (...)

Boarding schools, luxury for students from low-income families

10-09-2018 Kayanza High School has received fewer students attending boarding school than expected this school year. The increase in school fees has forced some parents to take their children to day-schools especially in communal high schools. “My parents are not able to pay school fees recently set for boarding schools (...)

Former students at Buterere technical paramedical school seek assistance

09-25-2018 Former students from Buterere technical paramedical school ask the ministries of education and health to assist them in relation to their case. Seven among them were arrested this Monday 24 after they had staged a sit-in in front of headmaster’s office. Those students ask the director of this school (...)