Bujumbura faces serious shortage of Brarudi beverages

Owners of bars in Bujumbura city have a serious problem. “We are really faced with a great problem of getting Brarudi beverages,” says a barman met in Kinama neighborhood in the north of Bujumbura city. He also says that he sometimes crosses over other neighborhoods to get those beverages. Due to the shortage of Brarudi beverages, he says, there is an increase in price.

There is a severe shortage of Brarudi beverages in Bujumbura city

According to the barman, a box of primus beer which was bought for BIF 16,500 a month ago is now bought for BIF 18,500. An Amstel box which cost BIF 19,600, it now costs BIF 23,000 while the price of soft drinks which was BIF 14,300, it is now between BIF 18,000 and BIF 18,500.

And therefore, he says, the retail price of those products goes up everyday. “The price of a bottle of soft drink-Fanta is now between BIF 900 and BIF 1000 instead of BIF 700”, says another barman met in Ngagara neighborhood.

Pierre Nduwayo, Chairman of Burundi Association of Consumers asked Brarudi Company to provide more details about the shortage of its beverages. “We ignore that the issue is due to the high quantity of demand or low quantity of beverages produced by Brarudi company”, he says.
Contacted, Rémy Ndayishimiye in charge of communication in Brarudi Company didn’t want to comment on the shortage.