Lorraine Josiane Manishatse


CEMABU denounces refusal of health care to medical assistance card holders

02-12-2020 On the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of the Sick this Tuesday 11 February, the Burundian association fighting for patients’ rights (CEMABU) has said it deplores the behavior of some public hospital officials who refuse to provide health care to holders of Medical Assistance Card (CAM). (...)

No migratory locusts’ invasion in Burundi, Ministry of Agriculture reassures

02-11-2020 A video showing swarms of locusts lying on trees has been aired on social media. The video producers made people believe that migratory locusts that are destroying crops in some East African countries namely Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia appeared in Gakungwe area in Kabezi commune of Bujumbura province (...)

CENI to plead for easy access to documents required for upcoming elections

02-09-2020 The Independent National Electoral Commission held on 7 February a meeting with representatives of political parties as well as independents who will participate in the upcoming elections scheduled for May 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the application guidelines for candidates. All politicians have raised the (...)

Tax fraud is punishable offence, warns Burundian Revenue Authority

02-07-2020 “The Burundian Revenue Authority-OBR discovered taxpayers who deliberately misrepresent their monthly rental income in order to lower rental taxes. They will be punished according to the law,” has said Stany Ngendakumana, spokesman for OBR in a meeting held this 6 February with the Bujumbura city administrative authorities. He has (...)

Cancer spread rapidly in Burundi, specialists warn

02-05-2020 “Cancer is spreading dramatically in Burundi as in the world. There are many cases of cancer, “said, Jean Marie Harimenshi, Director of Bujumbura Pathology Center which diagnoses cancer on the occasion of the World Cancer Day celebrated every 4 February. He regrets that the majority of cases are diagnosed (...)

SOSUMO revises list of sugar wholesalers to end speculation

02-04-2020 Bujumbura residents report an increase in the price of sugar since January 2020 while traders speak of a shortage of this product in stocks. Brigadier General Aloys Ndayikengurukiye, Managing Director of Moso Sugar Company explains that the quantity of sugar sold from January 2019 to January 2020 remains the (...)

Burundi ready to prevent spread of coronavirus, Minister of Health says

01-31-2020 “People suspected of having contracted coronavirus will be quarantined at Prince Regent Charles Hospital. We have set up isolation rooms there, “Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health announced at a joint press conference held with WHO on 31 January. He says the patient will have to spend 14 days there (...)

Some hospitals accused of overcharging pregnant women and children under five for health care

01-31-2020 The Burundian Minister of Health accuses some public and private hospitals of overcharging the government for health care delivered to pregnant women and children under five years of age. In the meeting with the provincial health directors and agents in charge of monitoring the implementation of the free health (...)

Rain damage risks cutting off Bujumbura from other provinces

01-30-2020 More than 130 houses were destroyed as a result of the torrential rain that hit Bujumbura city in the afternoon of 28 January. The National Platform for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management warns that Bujumbura will be cut off from the rest of other provinces if nothing is done (...)

Sugar price climbs, consumers association demands government to tell reasons

01-29-2020 The price of sugar has increased for more than three weeks in Bujumbura city. Consumers and sellers wonder about the causes. The Burundian Consumers’ Association calls on the government to communicate the causes of the rise in sugar price and fix the price to avoid speculation. The price of (...)